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The Most Venomous Animal in the World Is a Snail

There are snakes that can kill you with a single b...  ...ou out with just one sting. But none of them have venom with the killing power of a snail. The geography...  ...phy cone snail lives in the ocean. But its unique venom delivery system is capable of penetrating the wet...
All The Horrible Ways Animals Can Kill You With Venom

(Image Via Shutterstock)Nature can be terrifying,...  ...oth and nail.That poisonous substance is known as venom , and critters create this foul chemical cocktail...  ...ains the differences between poisons, toxins, and venoms : (Video Link)-Via Sploid
80-Year-Old Vintage Snake Venom Can Still Kill

In 2002, Bryan Fry, the Venom Doctor, was going through the belongings of Strau...  ...Straun Sutherland, the founder of the Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU), who had recently died. He f...  ...had recently died. He found a stockpile of snake venom that had been collected b...
Scorpion Venom is Actually Painkiller to Grasshopper Mouse

Image: Ashlee Rowe The sting...  ...Image: Ashlee Rowe The sting of the venomous bark scorpion is painful, and thus serves as a d...  ...r mice - not only did the mice not feel pain, the venom actually works as painkiller to them. Mich...  ...cher Ashlee Rowe, pointed out that t...
Web Designers Talk Shop...

My spidey-sense is tingling that he's not using device-agnostic responsive web design with the latest social discovery, scalable vector graphics and cloud-based hosting. And, please, don't talk web design without...
Venom Bust Bank

Venom Bust BankWorried about that your piggy bank isn't... We dare you to entrust your change to the Venom Bust Bank from the NeatoShop. This fearsome bank...
The Poison Sommelier...

Bryan Fry has suffered 26 venomous snakebites -all in the name of science!(Image cre...  ...ebites -all in the name of science!(Image credit: VenomDoc )Bryan Fry can still hear the dit-dit-dit of the l...  ...7 feet long- was one of more then 250 lizards and venomous snakes livi...
Venom Body Paint

Georgette at Devious Body Art is a professional bo...  ...she did turning a man into Spider-Man's archenemy Venom . See more of him at Geeks Are Sexy. LinkPreviousl... more of him at Geeks Are Sexy. LinkPreviously: Venom Face Paint
Venom Face Paint

Sara Poskonka (deviantARTist captainsarasp...  ...e today. Behold, Spider-Man's archenemy Venom : Link - via Walyou
What Snake Venom Does to Blood

(Video Link) This is amazing! In a BBC nature...  ...redators. In this clip, he places a drop of snake venom

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