All The Horrible Ways Animals Can Kill You With Venom

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Nature can be terrifying, with all those claws and fangs out there in the wild just waiting to chomp down on our very chewable human skin, but nature has another trick up her sleeve that’s even more terrifying, and way more harmful, than mere tooth and nail.

That poisonous substance is known as venom, and critters create this foul chemical cocktail for a variety of reasons, whether to help defend themselves or hunt other animals.

Humans have a hate-fear relationship with poison, and have even created stories and historical events based around poison, all of which is explored in the American Museum of Natural History exhibition The Power of Poison, on display through August 10.

Here's a video starring exhibition curator/professor Mark Siddall explaining the various ways poison can be delivered to a victim:

(Video Link)

And here's another informative video which explains the differences between poisons, toxins, and venoms:

(Video Link)

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