Disappointment in a Nutshell

This is why we can't have nice things. The Hide-Away Piano Bar in St. Louis had a great idea, but now it's only a great sign. I mean really, what could possibly go wrong with Lightsaber Night at a bar? Todd may be persona non grata in the neighborhood for quite some time, but the guy who did the sign is a hero for bringing a smile to the internet. -via reddit

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Name That Actor!

Do you want to try to guess who this actor is before I give the answer? Then stop reading now.

In 2004, there was a miniseries called Angels in America, based on the play by Tony Kushner. Several of the characters were supernatural in origin, and a handful of actors played multiple roles. Meryl Streep played four roles, one of which was Rabbi Chemelwitz. Yes, that's Streep under all that makeup. -via Eddie Deezen

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Hot and Cold Running Water

Yes, these are water towers in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and yes, they do look like that. The story goes that teenagers painted "hot" and "cold" on the town's two water towers. When the utility company next painted the tanks, they kept the graffiti titles, and just prettied up the lettering. Then a third tank was added, and it was labeled "warm." I don't know how true that is, but it's pretty neat.  -via reddit

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She's Got Legs -or Does She?

A few days ago, redditor jr0d7771 posted this picture and gave us a conundrum. There are obviously five young women sitting on the couch. But there are four pairs of legs. The woman in the middle appears to have none. Can you figure it out?

First off, you shouldn't be led by my assumption that it's the middle woman who has no legs. It could be any of them. When you've given up, you can read about the investigation and conclusion at The Concourse.

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Helsinki in November

This sign was erected at the Messukeskus convention center to welcome visitors to the Slush  entrepreneurship convention, which was apparently a lot of fun. To belie the sign, the reddit thread is full of people telling what a great time they had when they visited or lived in Finland. Still, many suggest going in summer.

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Collaboration Among Billboards

The good news is that I cut that tree down with my new chainsaw in no time flat. The bad news is that it fell on the neighbor's car.

In this case, two billboards are better than one. Once you get someone to pay attention to your advertising billboard among the hundreds of others around it, the battle is won. So these two businesses were consolidated by a poor tree. This was spotted in Nixa, Missouri. -via reddit

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Objects in Mirror Are More Peaceful Than They Appear

Via imgur

Is it V for Victory or for Volkswagen? In any case, let's all agree that this Volkswagen's side view mirrors are truly awesome!

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This is How You Get Aliens

This UFO was spotted flying over Jibbon Beach, just south of Sydney, Australia. If you look closely, you might see a yowie hiding in the forest. Remember this photograph, because you may see it on conspiracy websites in the future. There's a perfectly logical explanation.

Senorwest got this photograph while taking long exposure night shots. The lights in the sky are a police helicopter that was circling, looking for a fugitive. It has that shape because Senorwest set up a 30-second exposure and caught most of the circle, which gave it a perfect "U" shape. The dots along the shape are the pulsing of the spotlight. Cool picture.  

Or maybe that's what they want you to think.

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Crayons for Grownups

Ryan Hunter (redditor yanray) is the co-author of the coloring book Coloring for Grownups. He also came up with these crayon colors for a contest. These are the colors you don't forget.  -via reddit

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Wile E. Coyote Got Wheels

This biker is ready for Halloween! Spotted in Mission Viejo, California, he’s got all the equipment he needs: ACME rockets, a butterfly net, and a “Yikes!” sign he can use when he drives off a cliff without realizing it. And all the time, that roadrunner will always be one step ahead of him. You can enlarge the picture at imgur and see the details better. -via reddit

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The Credible Hulk

You can believe it, just check the sources! This artwork was spotted on the door of an English teacher’s office. -via Laughing Squid

(Image credit: reaptherekt)

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Bronco Plates

If you own a white Ford Bronco, it has probably occurred to you to get personalized plate. Redditor DaFunktapus managed to get the simplest one in North Carolina. He was surprised that it was available. There is a kind of club for white Ford Bronco owners with personalized plates, although they are spread out over the 50 states. And for some reason, people take pictures of them. Continue reading to see some of them.

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Reply All

Hitting “reply all” on a multi-person email can start a chain reaction that never ends. In fact, it can be like rolling a snowball down a mountain, where it gathers more and more snow until it’s bigger than a house. Sometimes it ends in a picnic and a viral story, like the Berkeley Spampocalypse last year. But usually, it just annoys everyone. The New York Times has some advice on such an event. -Thanks, John Farrier!

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Pokeball Flower

This Pokémon Go craze has even invaded the flower garden! Redditor space_wyrm found a zinnia in the garden that aspires to be a Pokeball. You know what they say, dress not for the job you have, but for the job you want.

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Rainbow Challengers

Have you noticed in the last few years that you don’t see colorful cars much anymore? If you’re looking for your car in a parking lot, or you’re in heavy traffic, all the cars around you are gray or white, with a few black outliers. Look at any car dealership, you’ll see it full of gray and white cars, with one of two red ones for contrast. What happened to the colors?

Classic car owners are having none of that. This picture of 76 Dodge Challengers was organized at a meeting of the Peach State Challengers and shared by redditor Ghawblin. You can see that a few drivers in the back showed up a few minutes late (or more likely, they didn’t want the end of the line to be white), but the overall effect is glorious. Doesn’t anyone in Georgia want to drive a yellow Challenger? You can see more shots of the cars at the Peach State Challengers Facebook page.  

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The Craziest Bike Path

UPDATE 7/28/16: Thanks to commenters T313, Rudolph, and Andre Woola, we now know! It's Entrelacement, a public art work by Michel de Broin. You can see it on Google Street View here. Go team Neatoramanauts!


Bartek Komorowski, an urban planner and biking enthusiast, posted this photo of what he says is a stretch of pathway near the Charlevoix Bridge over the Lachine Canal in Montreal. It's not for the novice rider.

Is this real? I can't find any supporting information about this section of the path, but Komorowski doesn't seem inclined to tweeting Photoshop gags.

-via Jeremy Barker

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Delicious Pokémon

Do you want your Pokémon to GO? Jadalnia is a restaurant in Poznan, Poland. Since Pokémon GO became a global sensation, they’ve made use of the Pokémon found in the kitchen! Would you care for some Charmander stir-fry? Squirtle soup? Or maybe Pikachu paté? This image was posted on their Facebook page.  -via reddit

(Image credit: Jadalnia)

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Radioactive Waste Birthday Cake

We don’t know who decorated this cake, but the occasion was the Radioactive Waste Manager’s birthday. Redditor centinel4, who lives in Austria, posted the picture. He must have been at the party, because he knew that the barrels are made of marzipan, and not marshmallows or earplugs as others thought. You’d think the appropriate flavor would be yellowcake, but the brown cake was important to resemble soil in the edible diorama.

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Martinied Out

Let this be a warning to you -martinis will get you drunk very quickly. This olive had certainly had more than enough! It’s just one picture of a collection called 18 Inanimate Objects That Look Completely Wasted at Pleated-Jeans. It's pareidolia that makes you laugh.

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This College Building Looks Like a Toilet

(Photo: News.Cn)

Choose your major wisely because you don't want to just flush your money away. The new building for the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power in Heinan, China is, appropriately, shaped like a massive toilet. The Chinese central government is circulating photos of it to describe its recent move to ban "weird buildings."

Proper architecture, the government argues, does not try to imitate other objects, such as cell phones or human genitals. You can see photos of other weird Chinese buildings at Shanghaiist.

-via Technabob

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Never Give Up

This lizard didn't, even though the snake had swallowed him whole. Bryan Snyder, a naturalist, spotted this savage battle while walking in Santa Ynez, California. I'm rooting for the lizard. He has spirit. 


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Pepper with a Mild-to-Hot Gradient

Redditor petriomelony found a pepper that looks like it has a built-in gradient illustration of mild to hot spiciness. S/he used it to make jerk chicken, which hopefully has a similar range of flavor punch.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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What Is This Thing?

Celebrity librarian Jessamyn West posts this photo and asks reader to identify this strange object.

Do you know the answer? Post a guess in the comments and find the correct answer here.

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A Rare Smile

It’s pretty rare to see someone from the 19th century smiling in a photograph, and even rarer to see a Native American from the era with a big smile. But this young lady is beaming! According to DrColdReality,

The girl's name is written in the lower left: O-o-be, and she's a Kiowa. The photo was taken in 1894. Background, dress, and physical appearance of the image are all period-authentic.

Smiles were still somewhat rare in photos from that era.

-via reddit

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Selective Memory

This curious slogan takes up the entire back of a Chevy truck in Oregon. After marveling at the creative spelling and kerning, you have to wonder at the motivation behind it. Various redditors offered their explanations as to the identity of Perl Horber.

Perl Horber is the town's sole Uber driver. The sign was supposed to read "a limo", but Perl lost her train of thought when placing the order.


I'm guessing Perl Horber was this persons childhood neighbor. Growing up they were the best of friends, always going on adventures and getting into trouble. Until one fateful day they decided to go swimming at the pond near their friend Ali Mo's house. Perl tragically drowned and I dont think this person was ever able to get over that, and still in some way holds Ali responsible. It consumes them so much that it affects almost every aspect of their everyday life, including knowing how to park in a space correctly. Its sad really.


"Hold the Bear, Alimo!"
"Hold the bear!"
"Hold the bear!"
"Hor thebear!"
"Hor thebor!"


The truck has been spotted more than once, so we know it isn’t Photoshop.

-via reddit

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Anxiety Magazine Covers

Are you behind on reading Anxiety magazine? Did your subscription order go through, or did you accidentally order two subscriptions?

You've got a lot to worry about and Anxiety magazine is here to keep you informed of the latest vexations. Crayon Elyse photoshopped covers for 5 issues of this non-existent periodical. You can view them all at Pleated Jeans. Say hello to this man who seems to know you, but you can't remember his name or where you met him.

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Creepy Images of a Doll Factory


Before they were dolls, they were doll parts, which are mass-produced. We know that, but seeing rows and rows of disembodied doll parts is still eerie. Mashable assembled a collection of 26 images taken in doll factories between 1931 and 1955 that are perfectly innocent but still inflict a feeling of dread. -via the Presurfer 

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Dewey’s Epitaph

A tombstone in the Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery in Dedham, Massachusetts, pays tribute to a cat that lived over 100 years ago. The first line is in quotes, which points out that  it was something Dewey’s owner probably heard over and over as he was mourning, and most likely again when he commissioned a tombstone for his beloved cat. -via reddit

(Image credit: Paul Koudounaris)

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Perfect Rainbow over Mount Vesuvius

Redditor -yenn- snapped this beautiful photo from Naples, Italy. Here is Mount Vesuvius, a volcano, framed within a full rainbow. Enjoy the view, but don't get too close. Volcanos are sneaky, especially this one (look at what happened to Pompeii).

-via Twisted Sifter

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American Bald Eagle vs. Canada Goose

It was the winter of 1812. The Canadians, long covetous of superior American lands, such as Texas and California, waited for Lake Ontario to freeze over. Then they sent their moose-back cavalry over the ice to invade America.

Naturally, we sent them packing in short order. President Madison celebrated by lighting a cigar and, in the process, accidentally starting a fire in the city of Washington. But after firefighters put it out, the Americans and Canadians made peace and have kept it, however tenuous, ever since.

Skirmishes still break out occasionally. Recently, photographer Lisa Bell saw a Bald Eagle slap around a Canada Goose in British Columbia.

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