Evidence that the Earth is Flat

See, the earth is a round disc, supported on the back of a four elephants, who are standing on a giant turtle. These guys got too close to the edge, and this may be the last photo we ever see of them.

Twin_Keel took this picture and blamed the result on a camera malfunction. The digital camera apparently changed orientation from landscape to portrait in the middle of scanning the image. Standing on a pier can totally disorient a person, so it may be the same for a camera. The result gives us an M.C. Escher or Inception vibe. This is a slightly altered version of the picture, repaired by VallleyNL. You can see the original at reddit.

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

When the Bus Stop Button is Broken

Some municipal buses just drive by a bus stop if there's no one waiting to get on. If you need to get off the bus there, you ring a bell or push a button to let the bus driver know. This bus in Halifax, Nova Scotia, had a non-functioning button, so they installed temporary workaround.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, this technology has been in use longer, so they know they should install the chicken out of reach of children. Genius!

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A Tribute to Adam West's Batman

Of the eight actors who've portrayed Batman onscreen, there are only five left. Redditor mengocharged arranged his action figures as a tribute to Adam West, who died Friday at the age of 88. He titled the image Farewell Old Chum...  The figures are:

NECA Adam West Batman, NECA Michael Keaton Batman, DC Collectibles Animated Series Batman, Medicom MAFEX Christian Bale Batman (ver 2), Mezco One:12 Ben Affleck Batman.

And explained the ones who aren't there.

Trust me, if they made quality Kilmer and Clooney Batman 6-7" action figures, I'd be all over them.

The numbers add up when you factor in the animated version that got an action figure, too.

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Can Choir

The reviews of the choral can-tata were mixed. Some said they sounded tinny and flat, and sang recycled songs with canned background music. One actually called it "soda depressing." Others thought they crushed it, especially with the metal covers.

This display was spotted in the Netherlands. -via reddit

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World Electrical Outlets

It looks like every country in the world uses a different kind of electrical outlet. Don't take the outlet for China  literally, though- when I went, I took eight kinds of adaptors and used several in different cities. Then we stayed in one city that couldn't use any of them, so my video camera battery ran down. The explanation at Fail Blog: 

This is meant to be a visual guide, as many similar outlets have different voltages. Just because a plug fits doesn't mean it will work. Always double check before you blow up your cell phone/hair dryer/discount lightsaber.

-via Geeks Are Sexy

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What Are the Odds?

He knew he wasn't a winner when the first number was pulled, but redditor dierubikdie found something really odd when he compared his lottery ticket to the winning numbers. Every number is only one digit off! That's got to be super rare, but still a lot more common than hitting the winning number. Commenter dragonfyre173 did the math.

Let's say you can get 1-32 on this. Because you can't get less than 1 or higher than 32, your odds are (2*(30/32)+1*(2/32))5, simplified to (62/32)5. Which is about 27x more common.

Or since we're working with the lottery, we can stop kidding ourselves and just call it zero.   

Oh, well, although he didn't win the $408,000 jackpot, it was probably worth a dollar for the viral picture. Your mileage may vary.  

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Four Monks Walk Into a Drag Show…

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but there's no punch line, just a group of new friends. TigerLily is a drag performer in Beijing. Four monks who had traveled all the way from Tibet heard music and laughter and wandered into his venue and had a wonderful time. That may sound weird, but one commenter said that Buddhist monks "always seem to approach life as it were the funniest joke ever told." TigerLily posted an album of more pictures from the same night. A good time was had by all. -via reddit

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Sumo Wheelchair

Twitter user Matt Alt posted this image taken backstage at Ryōgoku Kokugikan, a sporting arena used for sumo wrestling in Tokyo. What's the difference? The wheelchair on the left is standard issue; the wheelchair on the right is sized for a sumo wrestler. It's no doubt built pretty sturdily, too. -Thanks, John Farrier!

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Sumo Wrestler Enjoys Cherry Blossom Season

Image @sumokyokai

Even the best sumo wrestlers can't spend all his time in the dohyō. Sometimes they've just got to go out and (bend the tree branches down with their super strength so they can) smell the flowers.

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Generation Gap: App vs. Nap

On any movie set, there's a lot of waiting around while scenes are set up or details are worked out. In this behind-the-scenes photograph from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, and several other folks are busy on their phones, while Kurt Russell knows the real priority is to get enough sleep between takes. He is a wise man. -via reddit

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If There's Something Strange in Your Neighborhood

I ain't afraid of no goats! TheRiverMonkey spotted this product at a Waitrose supermarket in Sussex, UK. He couldn't resist printing out a label for it, then he left the label in his car for several months before he remembered to take it into the store. Yes, he left it there after he took the picture. Now to figure out who drew eyes on that innocent pineapple.  

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Retro DIY Lawnmower Looks Like a Vintage Car

Image: jeep2003

Spring is here and the grass will need to be mowed soon. But if you have this sweet DIY retro mini lawnmower that looks like a vintage automobile, the job will surely be a satisfying one.

Jeep2003 chronicled his "Mini Push Mower" build project over at Old Mini Bikes (which itself is a fascinating community of people who ride and build mini motorcycles). The mower uses a two-stroke engine from an old snowblower and the deck comes from an old smoker grill. The tail lights are fantastic!

Check out the entire build over at Old Mini Bikes - via Daily Dot & Pee-Wee Herman's My Log

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Please Be Patient

"We need a new display here, something with a theme, can you get that done right away?" Obviously not, but the library employee or volunteer charged with the task did a fantastic job in creating a thought-provoking workaround. Well, maybe not so much "thought-provoking," but more "guaranteed to become a viral image." -via Boing Boing

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What Color Are This Girl's Eyes?

Image: @Akiyoshi Kitaoka

We've featured Akiyoshi Kitaoka's optical illusions before on Neatorama (like this predecessor to today's image), but the Japanese psychology professor has a neat new one.

In this image above, Kitaoka noted "The right eye appears to be light blue and the left eye to be yellow, though they are the same gray."

Don't believe it?

Here are the eyes up close:

Let's compare them side-by-side (Enhance!!)

Pretty freaky, huh?

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Pregnancy Q&A

Ah, pregnancy - that wondrous time of a mother-to-be's life, so full of excitement, anxiety, and questions. So many, many questions.

But thanks to this handy dandy Pregnancy Q&A, spotted by YellowWoodenTable, a pregnant woman needs to wonder no more about her pregnancy:

Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough.

Q: I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q: What is the most reliable method to determine baby's sex?
A: Childbirth.

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World's Smallest Snowman is Just 3 Microns Tall

Meet the world's smallest snowman, created by Western Nanofabrication Facility. At only 3 microns tall, the snowman was fabricated from three 0.9-micron silica spheres stacked by using electron beam lithography. The snowman's eyes and mouth were etched with a focused ion beam, whereas the nose and arms were sculpted with platinum.

View the larger pics over at Western Nanofabrication Facility's Tumblr page.

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Miniature Photography of Vatsal Kataria

The pounding rain, the stormy seas, and the lone sports car traveling on a narrow road - how exactly did the photographer take this amazing shot and survive the harrowing experience?

Let Indian photographer Vatsal Kataria explain in this interview with DIY Photography:

DIYP: How did you come up with the idea? What inspired you?

Vatsal: I am commercial still life photographer but one day I was in my studio without any projects. I saw a photo of a toy car near a waterfall so decided how I can do something like this but without going anywhere. So I started working on my first project.

DIYP:  How much time it usually takes to build a location for your miniature shots?

Vatsal: it depends on the project. Sometimes it takes me 1 day, or sometimes whole week for just one picture. So it totally depends on the complexity of the project.

DIYP: What materials do you mainly use?

Vatsal: I use lots of products. My main aim is to create everything with the cheapest way possible so that if anyone wants to do something they can. I use plaster of Paris, baking powder, pit sand and clay, and that’s it.

View the rest of the interview (and many more fantastic photos) over at DIY Photography.

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Artist Coaxes Plant Roots Into Geometric Patterns

Inspired by Charles Darwin's observation that plant roots don't just passively grow down, but actively navigate to seek moisture and nutrients, German-born artist Diana Scherer worked to manipulate plant roots into works of art.

Scherer grew oat and wheat, which fast growing root system, on special templates that mold and train the plants' root system into geometric patterns that look like woven textiles.

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Crystal Flower Proves that Chemistry Can Be Romantic

Ask a chemist for flowers, and he'll likely give you these wonderful crystal flowers!

Chemistry professor Dean Campbell of Bradley University and his team were trying to develop new catalysts by making a solution of copper acetylacetonate in tetrahydrofuran, then soaking slabs of polydimethylsiloxane in the jar. After the experiment, Campbell found wonderful crystals that look like wildflowers forming on the wall of the beaker.

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Tunnel of Books

Images: Shao Feng

Architect Li Xiang of XL Muse designed this amazing "Tunnel of Books" for the Yangzhou Zhongshuge bookstore in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China.

The arched bookshelves and the reflective black mirror-finish floor give visitors a sense that they're walking through a tunnel of books into an otherworldly space that book lovers would enjoy.

Take a look:

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Blue Haze of Pluto

Image: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Smog getting you down? Consider this: even Pluto has got that!

Scientists stitched together images from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft when it was about 120,000 miles (200,000 kilometers) away from Pluto. The resulting image of Pluto's receding crescent shows a spectacular blue "haze" in the dwarf planet's atmosphere:

Scientists believe the haze is a photochemical smog resulting from the action of sunlight on methane and other molecules in Pluto's atmosphere, producing a complex mixture of hydrocarbons such as acetylene and ethylene. These hydrocarbons accumulate into small haze particles, a fraction of a micrometer in size, which preferentially scatter blue sunlight – the same process that can make haze appear bluish on Earth.

As they settle down through the atmosphere, the haze particles form numerous intricate, horizontal layers, some extending for hundreds of miles around large portions of the limb of Pluto. The haze layers extend to altitudes of over 120 miles (200 kilometers). Pluto's circumference is 4,667 miles (7,466 kilometers).

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World Map of Literature

Redditor Backforward24 created this neat "Literature of the World" - a map composed of books from/about each nation of the world.

The selection of what book should represent each country is subjective, of course - it's impossible to boil down the literary history of a country to a single book, but nonetheless the work is quite impressive. See if you agree with the book/country pairings:

The Americas

Canada - Anne of Green Gables
U.S.A - To Kill a MockingBird

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Snake Eats Snake

Image: David Penning/Missouri Southern State University

It's a snake-eat-snake world out there.

Predators usually chase after smaller (and thus easier) prey, but king snakes "just don't seem to be abiding by that rule," said biologist David Penning of Missouri Southern State University to National Geographic. "When we pair a small king snake with a larger rat snake, they don't avoid it. They actively and directly will attack a larger individual.... "

Marcus Woo of National Geographic has the explanation of how the king snake is truly deserving of its name.

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Teacher Made a Flow Chart on How to Find Him

Finding a teacher in this school can be quite complicated - so complicated that one teacher named Mr. Heiss decided to make a handy flowchart to help his students locate his whereabouts.

Sometimes finding Mr. Heiss is pretty straightforward ...

Sometimes, it's very complicated ...

Sometimes, you can't find the man at all!

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When Google Failed You, But You Have to Finish Writing the Menu

I have a feeling that after the writer of this Chinese menu from an unindentified Taiwanese restaurant failed to find the appropriate Google translation (but it's delicious!), he or she kind of gave up.

Ms. French fries sounds reasonable enough, but "McDonald's best friend"?

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Metal Clock

What time is it? Metal fans don't need this headbanging clock by Tiras Sin Sentido. They already know the answer.

If you love metal, you'll love the webcomic series Metal Life over at Tumblr.

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Symptom of March Madness

March Madness: That time of the year when your head shape really works to your advantage! Spotted by Twitter user @TunaOfTheSky.

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Messy Roommate Inspired Man to Create "Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery"

Got a messy roommate? Don't get mad - turn his mess into a "passive-aggressive art gallery" instead and gain Interweb fame.

Justin Cousson of Hollywood, California, converted over 30 instances of his roommate's messiness in the living room, kitchen, and laundry room into art pieces. Like this one above, titled "Cheese Knife".

"Knife left out on counter in striking distance of knife block, having been only used to remove seal of ice cream carton, which was also left on counter, leaving quite the sight as the last thing I saw before I gratefully leave town for two weeks." (mixed media 2017, $500).

"Sour cream covered spoon, left in sink before leaving town for four days"
(mixed media 2017, $3,400)

"Boxes left on couch because what even *is* breaking them down and recycling or leaving them not on the couch" (mixed media 2017, $6000)

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Wheel of Fortune Fail: A Streetcar Na(k)ed Desire

Can you solve this Wheel of Fortune puzzle?

In Tuesday's Wheel of Fortune episode, a contestant named Kevin was one letter away from solving the puzzle and winning the game ... but his dirty mind proved to be his undoing (and his ticket to Internet infamy).

After Kevin called for a "K" (with confidence, no less) and lost the game to a fellow contestant, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak joked, "... although you got the right answer, I'd rather see Kevin's play."

You can watch the now legendary game in this YouTube clip below:

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International Hair Freezing Contest

Images: Takhini Hot Pools

This sure puts "chill" in "just chilling."

Every year since 2011, the Takhini Hot Pools, a hot springs resort in Yukon, Canada, has held The International Hair Freezing Contest (Previously on Neatorama). Contestants would soak in the hot springs, dip their heads in the hot springs and wet their hair, then mold their hair into the most creative 'dos and let the cold winter air freeze it.

Take a look at the photos of some of this year's participants:

Just how cold was it there? Take a look at the temperature shown on the thermometer below:

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