How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a great steak, but you do have to treat your meat purchase right to get the best flavor. How much you spend determines the cooking method, and there are things you van do to make a relatively cheap steak truly delicious.

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Of course, if you insist on buying the bottom-of-the-barrel meat at your local butcher's counter, you might be better off to make stew or something. -via Digg

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What's So Great About 350 Degrees?

For a long time, 350 degrees was the most common oven temperature in cook books. What was the thinking behind that?

The magic of cooking at 350 degrees isn’t magic at all, but chemistry. It is, for example, the level associated with the Maillard Reaction, the chemical process that gives so many foods a complex flavor profile—and an appealing golden-brown hue—when sugar and protein are heated together just so.

“Without Maillard chemistry we would not have a dark bread crust or golden brown turkey,” wrote the authors of a Royal Society of Chemistry book about the reaction, “our cakes and pastries would be pale and anemic, and we would lose the distinctive color of French onion soup.” The Maillard Reaction—which actually entails a series of reactions—isn’t all toasty goodness, however. It’s also responsible for making apples turn brown, which many people find unappetizing “despite negligible effect on flavor,” the authors write.

Well, it turns out that oven temperatures weren't nearly as precise before they had degrees on the dial, and it hardly mattered. They aren't even that precise now. Cooks from bygone eras pretty much learned what worked by experience. If your oven was hotter or cooler, you just adjusted your baking time. An article at the Atlantic tells us about how precise oven temperatures came about, and why recipe publishers chose the settings they did. I use 400 degrees more often these days, since I'm putting something frozen in the oven.  -via Digg

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The Best Diner In All 50 States

Unless you're too fancy to sit in a booth and chow down on a grilled cheese sandwich you know the deal with diners- they're often the comfiest and most affordable places to eat no matter which state you're in.

And as long as you don't order the Clams Casino they definitely beat most fast food joints by a mile for just a few bucks more, but more importantly they're a great starting point when exploring a new city.

Wanna try the famous Lunch Box Burger and get a slice of kitschy Americana while you're in Minneapolis? Visit the Band Box Diner, which dates back to 1939 and is the last of its kind.

Looking for some down home cooking with a rich and decadent twist while you're in Winnemucca, Nevada? Head over to The Griddle (open since 1948) and treat yourself to their cream cheese-filled Pecan Crepes, which they top with bacon caramel sauce. *drool*

And if you're looking for local history in Salt Lake City, Utah then you've gotta go to Ruth's Diner, which was started by a cabaret singer named Ruth back in 1930.

It's rumored that Ruth's used to be located across the street from a house of ill repute, and that Ruth used to feed the girls and listen to all the local gossip, making Ruth's a hub for travelers. I wonder how they felt about her Pulled Pork Benedict?

See The Best Diner In All 50 States at Mental Floss

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Was Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino Actually A Ripoff?

Starbucks' legendary unicorn Frappuchino has already disappeared from stores, but it won't soon disappear from the minds of customers -of from the minds of its board members after the company has been slapped with a lawsuit this week. Brooklyn-based The End cafe filed the suit claiming that Starbucks copied their unicorn latte, which was brought to market over a year before Starbucks' creation. 

While the two drinks look pretty similar though, the Brooklyn version was quite a bit healthier than Starbucks' sugary creation, as it is made from ingredients like cold-pressed ginger, lemon juice, dates, cashews, blended with dried maca root, blue-green algae, and vanilla bean. The healthy drink quickly became The End's most popular creation so they filed for a trademark in January, which naturally doesn't bode well for Starbucks. 

So will Starbucks' big corporate lawyers beat out the little guy with a trademark? Only time will tell, but the corporation will almost certainly be more careful next time they release an outrageous concoction like this.

You can read more about the story at Thrillist.

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Hilarious Cooking Fails That Will Make You Feel Like A Master Chef

It's mean to laugh at other people's failures, and downright villainous to laugh in their face while they fail, but when people post their fails online they know the laughs are coming and they don't care.

(Image Link)

And when they post pics of their cooking fails online they expect people to crack up, relate and share their messed up dish with others, because every cook has been there, burned that.

(Image Link)

Cooking fails shouldn't discourage you if you're not that skilled in the kitchen, they should make you feel better about your own fails and inspire you to get in there and cook until your dishes stop falling flat.

And when you're able to cook up a feast for your whole family without breaking a sweat you'll look back on these bad fail days and smile.

(Image Link)

See 10+ Of The Worst Kitchen Fails Ever here

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The Fondoodler is the Hot Glue Gun for Cheese

(Video Link)

Most kitchen gadgets are unnecessary (you really just need good knives, spoons and pans for the most part), but just because something is unnecessary doesn't mean it's not worth owning. The Fondoodler is absolutely worth owning, even if no one ever actually needs this in their lives.

After all, do you really need a "hot glue gun" for cheese? No, but don't you want to make ultimate nachos and pretzel houses held together with Swiss cheese? How could anyone say no to that?

You can get your hands on the the Fondoodler from Amazon.

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Star Wars Burger: "Return of the Chedi"

For Star Wars Day, BL Burgers in Australia is offering a limited edition burger called "Return of the Chedi." For $17 (not that outrageous in Australia) you get a beef patty, smoked cheese kransky (that's a sausage), two other kinds of cheese, pickles, and ketchup, on a "galaxy milk bun," which is the strangest thing about this burger. Look at those colors! Buzzfeed sent a couple of people out to try it and give us their impressions of the burger. 

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The Sandwich Alignment Chart

Sandwiches used to be just two pieces of bread with something good between them. Some combinations were so good that they became classics. We've seen here that when the internet got involved, sandwiches became radical and outrageous. And every restaurant wants a good one as their signature. Now the different combinations of bread and filling are all over the place, so it's a good thing we have a handy chart to make sense of it all. This was posted at Know Your Meme, from a Tweet by @matttomic. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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These 10 Egg Tricks Bring Sexy Back To Breakfast

Eggs have been a culinary staple throughout human history and they'll most likely stay that way until there are no more eggs being laid nor humans to eat them.

But it's virtually impossible to have such a long-standing relationship with a food without boredom creeping in, so how can we make the humble egg sexy again?

Check out this video by How To Make Sushi and you'll see- making sexy eggs is simply a matter of adding herbs and cheese to egg whites before making a sunny side up fried egg, or whip them up and make light and airy Eggs Devaux.

(YouTube Link)

If you can get through this video without getting hungry you're stronger than me!

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What Food Each State Looks for on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find recipe ideas or even just incredible food porn, but people from different states have different obsessions when it comes to food and while Texans love searching for stuffed avocados, people in Alaska tend to seek out survival foods to get them through their harsh winters.

So what do people in your state tend to search for? Well, you can see the official results that aren't so well organized on Pinterest or see the full list alphabetized and a lot more clear over at Food and Wine.

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A Cookbook On Pie-Modding- Turning Store Bought Desserts Into Edible Works Of Art

Store bought desserts are made so each one looks the same no matter how many companies like Sara Lee or Entenmans make in a year, so customers know what they're buying before they put it out at a potluck.

But if you want to bring a dessert that's a whole lot less boring you should check out Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin's website Pies Are Awesome and  start modding your store bought pies.

Or better yet grab Jessica's first book Pie-Modding when it comes out on June 5th and follow the step by step tutorials and “modify pre-made desserts to create epic, edible works of art.”

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Fun Facts About Skittles

Candy fans can largely agree that Skittles are delicious, but did you know much more about them beyond that? For example, did you know that they have an amazing PR team that not only posts entertaining tidbits like "Marshmallows don’t dissolve, they just use hot cocoa to teleport to their homeworld" but also managed to shut down a Donald Trump Jr. analogy between the candy and refugees in the classiest way possible? And if you always felt like there were way too many yellows in each bag -you're right, there's more of them than any other flavor.

You can learn more strange and interesting facts about Skittles in this fun TopTenz article.

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The Unicorn Frappuccino Is Dead, Long Live Dumb Drink Trends

(Image Link)

Since you are currently on the internet you may have heard about Starbuck's latest gimmicky drink craze that has people standing in huge lines and sending out bitter tweets when they run out- the Unicorn Frappuccino.

(Image Link)

The Unicorn Frap contains as much sugar as 6 Krispy Kreme donuts, baristas hate to make them (and secretly hate you for ordering one), and Anthony Bourdain said it's "four things I hate all in one sentence: Starbucks, unicorns and the colors pink and purple".

Hell, even Katy Perry spat it out after a few sips, and she's part unicorn!

I love her, I have no words @katyperry #katyperry #katycats #KP4 #keiry

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperrygoals) on Apr 20, 2017 at 10:25pm PDT

But love them or despise them the Unicorn Frappuccino is officially dead, so what sickeningly sweet monstrosity is next?

Disneyland is now offering their own version called the Pink Pegasus, and Starbucks is offering a new Dragon Frappuccino that doesn't sound so great. So maybe you should skip the Starbucks altogether, for the sake of this poor barista's sanity!

(YouTube Link)

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You're Eating at a Buffet Wrong

How do you get your money's worth at a buffet? The Food Network is here to tell us how we've been doing it wrong. See, buffet eating is a zero-sum game, and you have to have a proper strategy to win.

(YouTube link)

On the other hand, you can decide that eating out is not a competition, but an experience that you pay to enjoy. If you enjoy the food and the experience, then you've won, no matter where you are. If your local buffet restaurant is full of diners trying to "beat the house," the experience will not be great and the food is probably sub-par. Maybe you should patronize a restaurant that gives you the good experience you are paying for.  -via Boing Boing

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These Restaurants Hook Customers With Their Hilarious Names

(Image Link)

Restaurateurs can get customers to eat at their restaurants by mailing out menus and coupons, making food so good that Yelp reviews and word of mouth bring in the eaters, or they can use a gimmick.

And the most popular gimmick is also the most effective- the funny name.

(Image Link)

Name your restaurant something forgettable like "burger barn" or "chicken shack" and you won't be remembered, but name your Thai restaurant "Thai Tanic" and people will line up to go on a culinary cruise!

(Image Link)

And when a funny name isn't enough capitalize on a pop culture trend, like Hammontree did with their Star Wars-themed grilled cheese sandwich food truck the Grillenium Falcon. If only they'd served up sandwiches shaped like the Millennium Falcon they might still be in business...

(Image Link)

See 17 Of The Most Hilarious Restaurant Names here

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This Pizza Dress is Anything But Cheesy

Believe it or not, costume designer Olivia Mears didn't make this incredible pizza dress as the most incredible prom dress in history. Instead, it was her incredibly impressive contribution to the Domino's Piece of the Pie contest. 

As you can see, she even went so far as to  create a special pizza box throne to rule over her minioins once she wins the contest -at least she's going to stay humble.

Via That's Nerdalicious

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Would You Like Some Black Ice Cream?

If a Unicorn Frappuccino doesn't turn you on, maybe you'd prefer some Goth ice cream from Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles. It's charcoal-almond flavored soft serve ice cream with the black provided by activated charcoal. The cone is black, too. People at Instagram seem to love it, but whether that's because of the flavor or the look isn't quite clear. Go to SomeEcards to see more pictures of the ice cream and what it does to your teeth. -via Boing Boing

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A Pizza Inside A Burger Inside A Pizza?

We've featured a lot of pizza/burger combinations in the past, including a burger made inside a pizza, but this pizza inside a burger inside a pizza might be the pizza/burger mashup to end all others. Like the burger inside the pizza, this outrageous creation is the creation of Hellthy Junk Food and just watching the video might just be enough to make you gain a few pounds.

(Video Link)

Via That's Nerdalicious

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37 Local Food Specialties That You Can Get Delivered Anywhere in the US

No matter where you live, chances are you have at least one favorite place that makes something you could never get anywhere else. Except nowadays, many of these local specialtlies can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Buzzfeed has even taken the time to track down 37 of the most delicious regional specialties from all over the country that you can get delivered to you no matter where you live -like these Duck Fat Caramels by Olive and Sinclair in Tennessee.

While it's not on the list, I might also add Cincinnati's Graeter's Ice Cream, which my wonderful step sister delivers to my dad once a year.

So check out the rest of the delicious local treats over on Buzzfeed

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Does Iceland Really Have the Best Hot Dog in the World?

You may think of hot dogs as a particularly American food (until you recall they were originally frankfurters), but Iceland is very proud of their hot dogs. Both locals and tourists say you must try the hot dogs in Iceland. So Fran Hoepfner and Cameron Scheetz had to go to Iceland to try them out. Well, to be honest, they also went for other reasons, but since airfares to Iceland are pretty cheap right now, why not? Fran says,

It felt weird to prioritize a hot dog, to our credit, a thing I maybe only otherwise prioritize if I’m at a baseball game, but yeah, our final morning of the trip we went to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur—Bæjarins Beztu for short, obviously—which translates to “the best hot dog in town.” It’s just a little stand right in the center of Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, that’s been open since 1937. It’s also not just a tourist trap: The day we went the line was full of a healthy mix of tourists and locals trying to get their dog on.

Read their impressions and review of the famous Icelandic hot dogs at the A.V. Club.

(Image credit: Cameron Scheetz)

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How To Prepare Jake's Perfect Sandwich From Adventure Time

Jake is half dog, half shapeshifter, and he has the magical ability to stretch his body into nearly any shape and size, which means he could devour a Dagwood sandwich better than Scooby Doo if he wanted to.

But Jake's also a dog with refined tastes, so when he crafts a sandwich you can be sure his creation will taste totally mathematical.

(YouTube Link)

So what do you need to make Jake's perfect sandwich? A whole loaf of bread, a sous vide steak, a deboned cornish game hen, bacon, cream cheese, a bunch of other stuff and, most importantly, a lobster's soul.

Andrew Rea isn't the only human who has ever attempted to recreate Jake's perfect sandwich, but the monstrosity he creates on this episode of Binging With Babish actually looks drool worthy!

-Via Laughing Squid

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The 25 Best Food-Related Seinfeld Moments

Seinfeld is famous for being a show about nothing, but ultimately, it's just the opposite -a show about everything. Every stupid thing that could happen in a person's everyday life could happen on screen and that's precisely what made it so magical. And just like in life, food played an important part in some of the show's most memorable moments. 

From Junoir Mints to Kenny Rogers Roasters, all you have to do is say the name of certain foods and the word "Seinfeld" and fans will immediately know what scene you're talking about. If you happen to be one of those fans, you won't want to miss this ranked list of the 25 best food-related moments on the show. Even if you disagree with the rankings (I do), it's still pretty hard not to love all the items on the list itself. 

So check out the whole list here.

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The McDonald's Sauce That Sold for $14,700

Who knew that holding on to your old unused McDonald's sauces was a worthwhile investment? One eBayer sure discovered the perfect time to sell his old Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce (available only back in 1998) and he ended up getting $14,700 as a result. Of course, this wasn't just luck -the sauce is more popular now than ever thanks to Rick and Morty's most recent episode that aired on April Fool's Day.

The team that makes the cartoon even made a petition on to bring back the sauce and it already has 20,000 signatures. It seems not everyone was willing to wait until McDonald's changed their mind and re-release the sauce though, which is why someone was willing to shell out some serious cash to get their hands on the lost sauce. Since that auction closed, another seller has put up a comparatively affordable listing for another package of the sauce that will only set you back $1,000.

Read more about the sale over at Eater or get your hands on one of the sauces at eBay.

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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks has not formally announced the product, but there have been sightings in the wild of a pink-and-blue-swirled drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino. From the descriptions, this resembles coffee in no way, shape, or form. It's a sweet/sour drink that is supposed to change flavor as you drink it, and from reports, the taste wavers between mango and Skittles. According to Eater, it should be unveiled on Wednesday. Mike Fahey at Kotaku drank one on Sunday and gives us a report.

It’s a cup full of coloring, sour and evil intent. I missed the mango initially due to the color and the somewhat apple-y sour tricking my taste buds into thinking I was drinking something else. Once the sour (mostly) faded, the Unicorn Frappuccino mainly made me wish I’d gotten a straight up mango one instead.

Snopes has some photographs of the ingredients shared by Starbucks employees at reddit, who seem to be as confused about the drink as the rest of us are.

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The 30 Pound Pizza Covered in Tacos and Guacamole

Can't decide between tacos or pizza? Well, if you're in New Jersey, you might want to head to Tony Baloney's in Hoboken where you can get your hands on this amazing taco pizza that weighs 30 pounds and costs $65. 

Unsurprisingly, it was inspired by stoners. As owner Mike Hauke explains, "These kids came in high as hell… stoned out of their minds," Hauke recalls. "They were like, ‘Yo, let me get some tacos.’" Rather than just throw some taco toppings on the pizza, he decided to make a carne asada pizza with tons of tacos and a massive pile of guacamole and sour cream in the middle. The pizza is only available on Taco Tuesday and pre-order is requested.

Via That's Nerdalicious

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Jameson Distillery's Smooth April Fool's Day Prank

On April 1st, 2017 Jameson Irish Whiskey announced they'd discovered a 230-year-old barrel of whiskey during renovations that had been buried in the foundation of their Bow Street distillery.

The whiskey was thought to be pretty special, considering founder John Jameson himself made the barrel out of reclaimed wood from a ship and stashed it for safe keeping.

But alas the barrel contained but one glass of whiskey, since "the angels had taken more than their fair share" over the centuries, and they mistakenly entrusted it to a bumbling fool.

(YouTube Link)

Jameson did a great job of combining an April Fool's Day prank with viral marketing, it's classy and smooth just like Jameson whiskey. *hic*


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The Best Thing to Eat at Each MLB Stadium

There was a time where just about every baseball game offered the same food -popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, etc., but nowadays many stadiums offer quality dining options including locations representing some of the best restaurants in the city. In fact, many stadiums are worth visiting if only for the food options and lucky for you, Thrillist has taken the time to compile a list of the best food options at every stadium, like the pictured MVT at the Texas Rangers' Global Life Park which consists of a two-foot long hot dog cooked in a tamale and covered in chili and cheese -it doesn't get much more Texas than that. At my local stadium, Padre's Petco Park, Thrillist recommends the ahi poke tacos, which seem appropriately San Diego as well.

So check out the tasty treats at all the parks over at Thrillist

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Homemade Chocolate Zombunny

Tye Lombardi goes by the name Hellen Die at her cooking blog, the Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon. In keeping with the theme of her culinary arts, she has created a zombie Easter bunny! Yes this is really a candy rabbit, even though he's green, only has one eye, and his brain is showing through. Flanking him are cheerful, seasonal brain cupcakes. You can admire her bunny and cupcakes, or make your own, as the instructions are laid out for you at the Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon. -Thanks, Tye!

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Strange Food Combos That Are Supposedly Delicious

Food hacks usually sound like an odd yet delicious combination of flavors, and you can tell the combo works just by reading about it, but the strange food combos shared by Cracked readers via Photoplasty sound strange...and scary.

I've tried a few of the combos on their list, like adding banana slices to ham pizza or adding some cinnamon to spaghetti sauce, and these odd flavor mashups just weren't my jam.

But there are some tasty sounding combos on the list that I really want to try now, like sprinkling powdered soup mix on popcorn or adding ground walnuts to mashed potatoes, so it does have merit.

But I'll be honest- I have no intention of adding garlic or onion powder to my coffee, and I'm really scared of what will happen in my mouth if I eat chocolate and kimchi at the same time.

But no matter how horrifying the other combinations may be the MuffinCup will make it all better...

See 17 Hacks That Make Boring Foods Delicious here

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Lessons From Growing Up in the Spice Trade

Caitlin PenzeyMoog grew up in her grandparent's store, The Spice House. Her mother worked there, and so did she, eventually. Of course, this meant her childhood memories are particularly aromatic.   

This is where my grandparents would call my brother, sister, and me back when the rush of customers slowed, to read Gurdjieff out loud or mix cinnamon sugar while reciting the poem “Desiderata.” We’d do this while making a blend, which we’d stir in an enormous metal bowl exactly 111 times. My grandfather would make us pork chops on a George Foreman grill, seasoned with some unknowable pepper mix. The air was perpetually thick with the commingling of hundreds of spices, herbs, sugars, and salts, blending into a distinctive smell that lingered on your clothing and in your hair all day. It formed thick dust motes that floated in the sunlight coming through windows.

You’d think that spending a lot of time here would numb your olfactory senses, but the opposite was true. My nose learned to cut through the background smell to identify specific spices within the store—a good thing when replacing the apothecary jars with their correct lids, which is easily done when you can discern oregano from parsley and garlic from ginger.

From her lifetime of experience, PenzeyMoog offers us some simple advice about using spices, which is almost as interesting as her description of growing up in The Spice Shop.

(Image credit: Lenore Edman)

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