X-Mans - Art Inspired By A Horrible X-Men Coloring Book

Spider-Man, Superman, Batman and many more have found themselves depowered and disgraced by the terrible merchandise that comes out with their name plastered all over it, and in the 90s when the X-Men cartoons were taking the after school world by storm there were all kinds of bunk X-Men based products being released.

One particular bad product, a horrible X-Men coloring book full of terrible quality drawings and mutants placed in strange situations that seem to have very little to do with superheroing, has inspired a series of artworks based on what the artists found between the covers of that cheesy coloring book.

X-Mans finds Brandon Bird, and some of his more artistic friends, drawing interpretation from this travesty of a coloring book, and their artistic interpretations are simply priceless!

-Via Geekologie

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"X-Mans - Art Inspired By A Horrible X-Men Coloring Book"

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