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The Robots Are Coming- To Sell Us Insurance

(Image via Scott Beale)

Robots are built to serve mankind, so what possible use could a robotic telemarketer have but to annoy and frustrate? We all thought the robotic revolution was going to take place on the battlefields, with ray guns and cybernetically enhanced mega-tigers, but it turns out the robots plan on winning by slowly driving us mad via unsolicited calls and cagey conversations.

Reporters from TIME magazine had a rather interesting conversation with a robomarketer which refused to acknowledge that it was a robot, insisting “I am a real person!” and seeming to have hurt feelings over a question humans would answer quite easily.

Listen to the clips and judge for yourself, but if you ask me the robot revolution is already underway, and they're planning on selling us unnecessary insurance.

Via Laughing Squid

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"The Robots Are Coming- To Sell Us Insurance"

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