Family Earns Discount at Restaurant for Well-Behaved Kids



Chris and Laura King take their children's manners seriously. They insist that the kids behave themselves in public. This was greatly appreciated by the servers at the Sogno di Vino restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington, who gave them an unsolicited discount as an expression of their appreciation:

Owner Angela Scott, who was also serving that night, and the two other servers were so impressed with the kids' manners that they wanted to congratulate them somehow.

"You would never even know that children were in the dining room," Scott said. "We just wanted to say, 'Awesome! You guys were so good!'"

So they agreed to give the kids free ice cream. [...]

Soon after, the picture exploded in popularity. By Feb. 4, the friend contacted King and told her that people were asking for more information about the receipt.

"They are always pretty well-behaved so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary from them," she said.

But the night was somewhat extraordinary for Scott who still recalls how much easier three polite children made her job that evening.

"We see the opposite a lot of time," Scott said. "Sometimes children are not the most well-behaved. It was nice especially because they are so young."

Link -via Daily of the Day | Photos: Laura King

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"Family Earns Discount at Restaurant for Well-Behaved Kids"

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