Vintage Halloween Photos

They say death rides a white horse, but we really can’t be sure of the color when the horse is wearing a Halloween costume! If you were trick-or-treating in a rural area where the houses were miles apart, you’d want a ride, wouldn’t you? And if you’re going to dress as a skeleton, you may as well dress up your horse, too! These youngsters are part of a collection of 30 vintage Halloween photos at The Post-Mortem Post. The images are from back in the days when the whole point of dressing up for Halloween was to be scary, and the homemade costumes were even creepier than the store-bought masks. -via Everlasting Blort

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

A Tribute to Zombies in Movies

It’s the season for our attention to turn to zombies, for Halloween, for the return of The Walking Dead, for zombie walks, and just for fun. Robert Jones put together this supercut of zombies we’ve seen in so many horror movies over the years.

(YouTube link)

Some are lame, some ridiculous, some scary, and some are the kind that would make you ill if you had to look at them any longer than this. The song is “Pretend We’re Dead” by L7. -via Tastefully Offensive

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The 13 Scariest Spelling Mistakes on Halloween Merchandise

The way we celebrate Halloween involves buying lots and lots of cheap decorations manufactured in countries that don’t have the same traditions or language. It’s not surprising that items slip through that don’t quite make sense because of spelling errors, like the obtuse costume pictured. Even so, it is kind of acute. Notice they spelled angel correctly in the Spanish text.

Some Ecards rounded up quite a few of the spoopiest items to accompany your trick or treak this Holloween. -via Pleated-Jeans 

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Buzz Aldrin Pumpkin

Edward J. Cabral is an artist. He makes cakes, ceramics, drawings, paintings, and beautifully carved pumpkins. The carving above above is his latest, posted by DankPawt at reddit.

You must see his other pumpkins. And cakes.  

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Ivy Star’s Pun Costume

Cosplayer Ivy Star showed the costume she unveiled at Dragoncon New York last weekend. I hope it dawns on you before you can read this whole post. She mashed two TV genres together for this one. The two genres are reality TV and science fiction. The science fiction is Star Trek. The reality TV is Keeping up with the Kardashians. You’ve almost got it: the Cardassians are a humanoid species from the Alpha Quadrant noted for their gray skin and facial ridges. Therefore, behold Kim Cardassian.

(Image credit: Mig Photography World)

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The Strange Fate of Glenn Strange, the Other Frankenstein Monster

Quick, who played Frankenstein’s monster? Boris Karloff, of course! Karloff played the monster three times, but the role was also filled by Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Glenn Strange. Who? Glenn Strange doesn’t have the name recognition that Karloff had, but he played the monster in three movie -just like Karloff. The 6’5” Strange made his living playing cowboys in Western movies and TV shows, and he isn’t much remembered for that, either.

As the story goes, while making up Strange for yet another cowboy picture in 1944, Universal makeup legend Jack Pierce offered him a few bucks to stay late that night so Pierce could try an experiment. Strange agreed, and when Pierce finished working on him that night and he saw the results, his first response was “I look like Boris Karloff.”

Read the strange story of how Universal constantly recast Frankenstein’s monster, and how Glenn Strange filled those big, heavy shoes, at Den of Geek. 

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Metallica's Kirk Hammett Embraces His Inner Monster

You might know Kirk “The Ripper” Hammett as the lead guitarist for Metallica, but he’s also a serious collector of horror ephemera and memorabilia. It started when he was a child and was thrilled to be terrified by the 1962 movie The Day of the Triffids. He started collecting comic books, horror magazines, and models, as much as he could with a kids’ budget. After hitting it big with Metallica, his collecting went into overdrive, as he could then acquire rare and coveted items.  

In 2012, he published a book on his collection called Too Much Horror Business, and the following year, he created “Kirk’s Crypt” to display some of his horror memorabilia at the Orion Music + More metal festival in Detroit. Kirk’s Crypt inspired him to launch a full-on three-day horror convention, Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil, in his hometown of San Francisco in 2014. The annual event has featured interactive displays, including one on Hammett’s monster collection; performances by metal bands like Carcass, Death Angel, and Hammett’s pre-Metallica band Exodus; and guest appearances by modern horror actors, directors, and makeup artists, as well as the children of classic horror stars Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Currently, travelers going through San Francisco on Virgin or American Airlines can view part of Hammett’s horror collection at the San Francisco International Airport Museum’s “Classic Monsters: The Kirk Hammett Collection” exhibition in Terminal 2.

Hammett talked to Collectors Weekly about how his obsession with horror developed, the history of horror films and the memorabilia they spawned, and how he learned the business of collecting such rare items as movie props and custom horror guitars. There’s a bonus gallery of classic horror memorabilia, too.

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Self Portraits Painted By Vampira

Creatures of the night don't come much more hauntingly beautiful than Vampira, TV's first horror host who inspired many creepy characters to come, including Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Vampira is a character created by the late Maila Nurmi, and although she inspired future generations with her fiendish fashion sense and vampy persona, Maila's time in the spotlight was sadly short lived.

Maila spent her golden years painting portraits of Vampira and selling them through an art dealer in L.A., her iconic character kept alive via paint covered canvas.

Here's a short video featuring Maila discussing where her passion for painting began:

(YouTube Link)

Read more about Vampira's passion for painting at Dangerous Minds

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Horrifying Zombie Mouth Cupcakes

We love terrifying Halloween food, but it's hard to make something mentally scarring without a ton of experience. If you're brave enough to try the DIY approach though, Instructable user SemadarG has put together a handy tutorial on how to make your own nightmarish cupcakes like the one above. 

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Making a Realistic Brain Cake

You and I would go straight for a brain-shaped cake mold and call it a day. But baker and cake artist Yolanda Gampp went all the way, creating an entire brain cake from scratch. The red velvet cake was baked in a bowl, and then sculpted with custom-made fondant to make the cerebellum and the folds of the cortex.

(YouTube link)

Add some raspberry syrup, and the finished product looks like something you’d see in an anatomy class. The real fun will be cutting into this thing! Want the recipe? You’ll find it at Glampp’s blog How to Cake It.  -via Tastefully Offensive

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The Jack-o-Lantern Design of 2015

Star Wars fan Daniel Hoogkamp put together the Jack-o-Lantern we all want, a representative of the BB-8 droid from Stars Wars VII: The Force Awakens. These are orange pumpkins painted white. He used a bowl and a dry-erase marker for the circles. Hoogkamp knew it would rot before the actual holiday (it was made a couple of weeks ago), but as he knew it would be the dominant design this year, he wanted to be the first to post a picture. -via Time

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Awesomely Creepy Halloween Decorations

There are some people who like to put a few cute, cartoony window decals up before Halloween night and then there are those who really want their home to be truly horrifying. If you are part of the second group, then you certainly won't want to miss this collection of amazingly scary decorations we rounded up for Homes and Hues.

From ghosts and graveyards to cannibalistic barbecues, these decorations are sure to scare the pants off of your guests no matter how old they are, so don't miss the full collection of terrifying treats at Homes and Hues: 8 More Horrifically Haunting Halloween Decorations

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Green Fire Jack O’Lantern

A chemistry teacher did this fiery jack o’lantern inside, but if you want to try it, outdoors would be better. You can get that green flame by burning boric acid and methanol together. Geekologie has the instructions. This will cook your pumpkin, but it won’t be edible because of the boric acid. Then there is the remote chance that such experimentation could summons the demons of hell. Your mileage may vary.

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DeepDream Makeup

Jennifer Culp designed a Halloween face based on Google’s DeepDream technology, which produces nightmarish images by finding and enhancing any hint of pareidolia in an existing image. Culp imitated DeepDream images you’ve seen by adding eyes, plenty of them, all over her face, on her neck, and even in her ears and nose! Top the nightmare with a crown of images of her dog, and you’re ready for Halloween. Not only do we get the bizarre result, but she’s posted a tutorial just in case you want to duplicate the look yourself. And if you think this image is disturbing, Culp then ran a picture of her finished makeup through the DeepDream algorithm. You’ll have to go to the tutorial to see that. -via Boing Boing

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Halloween with Liz Climo

It’s hard to believe we’re already into October- I’m still in summer mode. Maybe you need to get your October vibe going with a taste of Halloween. How about a compilation of Liz Climo’s Halloween comics? There’s a bunch of them in a post at her website, compiled by Tastefully Offensive.  

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The Creepiest Films About Cults in All of History

We've all heard of cult films, but it takes a particular accomplishment to make a cult classic about an actual cult. Over at Flavorwire, the greatest cult films in history have been compiled into one great list of creepy flicks -including one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen in my life, Martyrs. Of course, you can also expect the famous cult films everyone remembers like Rosemary's Baby and Children of the Corn.

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Halloween Already

Ugh. I can’t believe they are already coming out with cartoons about how people complain about how Halloween stuff is already out. But seriously, you can blame the school year starting so soon (the first week of August where I live). When the back-to-school supply aisles are picked over and looking empty, the stores have to put something there. Personally, I love it. This summer has been an awfully long one, and now I have a month to plan and purchase my house decorations and a month to display them. Also: candy. This comic is from The Gentleman’s Armchair. -via reddit

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Terrifying Werewolf Dog Muzzle

Want to dress your dog up as a werewolf and possibly draw the attention of authorities? Check out this muzzle you can order from Russian retailer Zveryatam. It comes in five sizes and costs 2 10000 р, whatever that means -plus shipping. 

Russian guitarist Alexey Kurulyov shared a picture of his dog wearing one. I’m sure he’s a bundle of love most of the time, but wearing this muzzle, he’s a hellhound straight out of your nightmares. -via Geeks Are Sexy

(Image credit: Alexey Kurulyov)

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Get Ready to Scream When You Watch Rats Crawling Through Toilets

(Video Link)

There are a lot of urban legends out there that aren't true -particularly when it comes to rats. Sometimes though, these stories are all too true. If you've ever heard rumors of rats crawling up through the sewers and into your toilet, you might have hoped they were some of those mythical tales like rats the size of poodles. Unfortunately, it's actual an all too common for rats to come into homes through the toilet.

Here's an all new reason to always leave your seat down and always look down before you sit down on the can.

Via Gothamist

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These Shoes Were Made for Scaring And That's Just What They'll Do

Some people are terrified of any clown they see. I'm not one of those people, but I still see what makes some clowns scary -especially ones with red eyes and skull-like faces. These delightful clown shoes make the most of people's fear in a terrifyingly awesome fashion accessory. 

At $175, the shoes might be a little scary to your wallet too, but it's worth it for a one-of-a-kind pair of kicks that are sure to give people nightmares every time you wear them.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Horror Movies That Seemed to Actually be Cursed

If you're even a little familiar with film history, you know there are a number of films that people have claimed to have been cursed -the most famous of which is perhaps Poltergiest. While some stories are simply urban legends, other production histories are so frought with accidents you have to wonder if they truly were the subject of a hex. The stories seem even more creepy when they involve horror flicks, which is why this Flavorwire article featuring 10 jinxed scary movies is so darn intriguing. 

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How to Make Spider Sliders

Celebrate magazine shows you how to make spooky burgers that it calls Spider Sliders. The recipe calls for the conventional components of cheeseburgers as well as fries. Going beyond that, I would suggest adding an actual spider or two for authenticity.

-via Ghoulia Childs

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A Cosplay Win and a Loss

BlizzCon took place in Anaheim over the weekend, and Cosplay Py won first place in the costume contest. The costume is Grand Empress Shek'zeer from World of Warcraft, which Py and her husband had worked on for two years (it even lights up!). It was to be unveiled at Blizzcon. Py and her costume did just fine for the judging Friday, but when the winners were ascending the stage to show the crowd, Py injured her ankle and had to be carried off. She tells us what happened:

 On the way out of the judging room, i caught the toe of my boot in the carpet and went down. In the process, i snapped the pvc skeleton in one of the legs. This was just from the angle I fell and the force of my weight on the joint. Blizzard staff was amazing and gave us plenty of time to work out a fix. By contest time, she was 100% back up and running.

What happened at the contest is pretty much 100% separate. There were two ramps. We had practiced on some steepish ramps and had a plan of action. The first ramp was difficult, but we managed. Unfortunately, the second ramp was much more steep. When I did manage to hit the top, the weight of my thorax and bag legs (still on the slope of the ramp) literally pulled me off of my stilts. In the process I injured my ankle. At this point, there was absolutely no way for me to walk on in the costume. So, my husband and the most fabulous stage hand in the world got my costume off of me while I went into a full on meltdown.

Cosplay Py was not able to parade her costume around BlizzCon, but photographer Morten Skovgaard did a photo shoot the next day to preserve the costume at the event. The Flickr album of the shoot shows how elaborate the costume is. -via Polygon

(Image credit: Cosplay Py)

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Door Monster Dispenses Treats to Trick-or-Treaters

The home of Kyle of White Lightning HQ has peephole windows. He and his friends decided to use them to give neighborhood kids a unique trick-or-treating experience. They created a monster which greeted the children and gave out candy.

(Video Link)

The eyeball is made of styrofoam. There's an old Logitech webcam inside that lets them see what's happening on the porch. The hand is a glove made of fabric. It reached out to drop candy into trick-or-treating buckets. The kids loved it!

-via Twisted Sifter

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The Most Terrifying Jack-o'-Lanterns Ever

On Halloween, children approached the door for treats. So did a few reckless teenagers--though with some hesitation. But no one else went near that house ever again. Even the residents who unearthed the ghastly horror soon fled in madness, forever scarred by what they had seen.

-via Geek Art Gallery

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Weatherman Has Fun with Halloween Forecast

Jude Redfield is a meteorologist at WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky. His forecast this morning was a bit spooky because he just wasn’t all there! For Halloween, he went by the name “Bones” Redfield.

(Facebook link)

If you see a black box above, click on it to begin the video. -via reddit

(Image credit: Jude Redfield)

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Halloween: A Timeline

The anticipation is much greater than the actual event. It is so true! I’ve been writing about Halloween for a month now, and when the day comes, I overslept and don’t even have time to find my witch hat before the first trick-or-treaters arrive! This timeline is from Doghouse Dairies. Now, where did I file those Thanksgiving jokes?

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Levitating Pumpkin

(YouTube link)

Watch a cute little Jack-o-Lentern hover in the air and speed around a track while oozing mist behind him! You don't have time to prepare this stunt yourself for Halloween, but you can share the video with your kids. There’s a perfectly logical scientific explanation, involving magnetic fields and superconductors, which are explained by Andy from The Royal Institution. No matter, it still looks cool! -via mental_floss

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22 Halloween Decorations You Can Put Up And Leave Until Christmas

I'm one of those people who loves holiday decorations, but hates the process of putting them up only to take them down a few weeks later. That's why I love the fact that Christmas decorations are starting to sneak their way into Halloween ones and vice versa.

These days, there are some great ways to decorate your house for Halloween that will still look seasonal if you leave them up until New Year's Day -and amazingly, not all of them are related to The Nightmare Before Christmas either!

So check out the full list of multi-seasonal decorating ideas over at Homes and Hues: 22 Decorations Perfect For Both Halloween and Christmas 

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The Shironeko Cats Celebrate Halloween

(YouTube link)

The most chill cats in the world are all dressed up for Halloween! And as usual, it's a non-stop party atmosphere... if your idea of a party is a good nap. This video will have you on the edge of your seat -Shiro’s eyes almost opened once! -via Tastefully Offensive

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