The Best Way To Ask Strangers For A Favor, According To Reddit Data

Reddit is home to a delicious subreddit called Random Acts of Pizza, where redditors try to convince others to send them a pizza by using tactics which range from “me hungry” to “won’t you take pity on a poor, starving student?”.

Tim Althoff, a researcher from Stanford University,  compiled data from the over 21,000 posts on the subreddit and discovered some constants to the whole idea of asking for something, a discovery about the best way to ask strangers for a favor, according to factors such as need and your station in life.

They discovered that about 70% of the time the best requests had these factors in common:

  • Demonstrated a strong need for the pizza (job or money issues, helping a family)
  • Said they'd pay the favor back or pay it forward
  • Had a high status in the community (Reddit Karma points and previous posts in Random Acts of Pizza)

So the next time you need a favor from a stranger keep these factors in mind and you may just come out with a slice of the pie!

-Via Lifehacker

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