Medieval Manuscript Shows a Cat Riding a Horse

(Photo: The National Library of France)

The blog of medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel is one of the hidden gems of the internet, which is why I interviewed him 3 weeks ago. He's an expert on manuscripts, which is how he was able to dig up this funny image.

It shows Reynard the Fox, a trickster character in medieval literature, racing Tybalt, the Prince of Cats (who was referenced in Act 2, Scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet). It appears that Tybalt is winning. He turns his head and sticks out his tongue at Reynard in mockery.

P.S. This isn't the first cat-marked medieval manuscript that we've featured. We've previously shown one that has cat paw prints and another that was peed on by a cat.

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"Medieval Manuscript Shows a Cat Riding a Horse"

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