The Ping Pong Knife-Throwing Trick

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The Tumba Ping Pong Show is, if I understand it correctly, a Swedish performing arts group and video production team. The troupe consists of DJ Coolman, Mr. Sandman, Slightly Mad Max, Dr. Ders and Jokko-Yxxi. Their videos involve creative uses of ping pong paddles.

In this video, one performer uses a paddle to bat knives at the paddles held by another. Then he slices through a pineapple on the young woman’s head.

-via Yababoon

Is this video real?

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At around the 15 second mark, if you pause it just right as she moves the second paddle, you can see that there's already a knife in it before it hits.

This is fake
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Assuming that the table tennis paddles are real, just try to ram a knife into a ping pong paddle while holding it on the grip... i would expect it brake the grip rahter than catching the knife.
Similarly try to split a pineapple by throwing a knive... at least it would have changed it's flight path so you could see it dropping besides her...
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I would have selected "Reality does not exist." but when I tried to select two answers I couldn't, so that means reality really does exist so I picked the first one.
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