Pac-Man's Hiding Spot

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According to YouTube user Phreakwars, if Pac-Man stays in one spot in the maze, the ghosts won't bother him. It doesn't work in an online version that I used as a test, but there are many different Pac-Man programs.

-via Kottke

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Yes, you need to be sure the ghosts don't see you go to the hiding spot. If you pause the video at the :26 second mark, you'll notice none of the ghosts have pacman in their view when he? reaches the hiding spot.
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This is a very old and common trick in Pac-man. Players in the 70s/80s would use this trick in arcades when they would get so far and want to leave for a bathroom session/food ect.
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Well, this has never worked for me on any of the versions I played. In fact I did it the other way around. I would move right up to power pellet and stop and wait until the ghosts were right on top of me. Then I get the pellet and go after ghosts. I never had an issue with them not coming after me when I stopped moving.
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As many years as I have been playing Pacman, I did not know this. I'm off to go warm up the Atari and switch the box from TV to Game/computer. Then I'll spend a little time jiggling the cable and discover that one of the screws into the antenna has come loose. So I will need to get the screw driver, or attempt to just screw it back in using my fingernail. At which point my nail will rip so I will need a bandaid....skip it all. I'll just take your word for it.
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