Manifesto for Life

The Holstee Manifesto by Dave Radparvar, Mike Radparvar & Fabian Pfortmüller. Typography by Rachael Beresh.

Manifestos aren't just for political revolutionaries anymore. Heck, anyone can make a manifesto - and for good reasons, too.

Kirstin Butler wrote her picks of 5 personal manifestos to inspire a creative life on Maria Popova's always-excellent Brain Pickings blog (this one above is from Holstee). Check 'em out: Link

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I might be wrong, but I think when it says, "If you don't like your job, quit" what it really means to imply is to quit and find one that you do like, or find a way to do something that you are passionate about that just so happens to make money. Just off the top of my head, have you ever met a marine biologist that hates his/her job? Or a novelist, artist, chemist, college professor, architect, etc. The list could go on. In contrast, have you ever met a depressed office worker? Or a suicidal insurance salesman? Just examples. No offense to office workers or insurance salesmen who like their jobs.
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Gawd...and I thought I was cynical around the holidays...I like the quotes--more of a swift kick in the pants for me than a manifesto and I think a LOT of people need just that!
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@Edward, a few ideas
You are not exceptional, you are absolutely average
You are insignificant - stop trying to change the world
Ambitions are time-consuming - embrace mediocrity
If you have less than others, settle for less
Stop reading other people's manifestos - switch on the TV instead
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