The Perfect Birthday

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What can you possibly give a two-year-old dog to make him the happiest puppy in the world? Bunk will never forget this one! -via Buzzfeed

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@brad...good eye! i totally missed that. it looks like it's on a string...maybe to keep Bunk from running off with it. considering it's perfectly sanitized - or better yet, brand new - that would be one heck of a chew toy.
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i think it's great! what a wonderful treat for Bunk. as for all the gloom & doomers...the risk that balloons pose to dogs is about the same as most of the other non-food items a dog ends swallowing - most of them we're blissfully unaware of...thank goodness. if you know your dog's habits you'll notice if his poopies are off schedule and take action.

side note: just a handful of grapes or raisins can be harmful, sometimes fatal to your dog by causing renal failure. the more you know...
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@Edward, Lots of European countries have this sort of thing. In a large building they will rent out separate rooms and the rooms will be equipped with a shower stall, or in this case, a bath. Usually there's a communal toilet in the hall. Sometimes if you're lucky there might even be a tiny kitchenette, though most people just have a hotplate and a microwave.

I also agree with marishka, while Bunk seems to be having lots of fun, inhaling one of those popped balloons could be very bad. D: Luckily nothing happened. ;)
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