NASA-Designed Space Colonies

In the 1970s I thought it would be awesome to be a space pioneer and live in a colony in an orbiting spaceship. During that decade space colonies that could house 10,000 people were designed at NASA summer camps. You can see a gallery of these lovely hand drawn renderings here. NASA still runs summer camps for students but their output is probably not as charming as these pre-digital creations.

Link - Via Geeks Are Sexy

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I had those books when I was like eight years old and they blew me away! And I was just thinking about that cutaway a couple of days back!!
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Nasa did not do any planning on these designs-
a man named Gerard K. O'Neill, a physicist at
Princeton, did.
Please find and read:
The High Frontier- Human colonies in Space
Morrow Publishing
ISBN: 0-688-03133-1
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I remember seeing some of the pictures from the Toroidal Colonies section published in a book called "Star Wars - Question and Answer Book About Space" back in 79'.

Thanks for dusting off the memories.
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whenver I think about colonizing space I think about how often our structures fail because of faulty engineering. If projecting spacial body hits a space station and creates a hole, everyone will die from the vacuum of space.
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