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Rosario Gamboa makes gelatinas that are arguably too pretty to eat. Her creations look like glass paperweights or snow globes, each with a flower inside. They're made of gelatin, and they are bought as soon as they are displayed.
"They can't believe the way we make them," Gamboa says.

The process makes the outcome seem all the more remarkable. Trained hands can create a blossom in less than 10 minutes. (Check out the "gelatina artistica" video on YouTube.) Working in a palm-size hemisphere of freshly set gelatin, Gamboa uses hypodermic needles - some straight, some bent into a U - to inject colored mixtures of gelatin and sweetened condensed milk. It is done while the gelatin is inverted, so it's a little like sculpting a figure from the feet up. Each stab or swath is instantly encapsulated, forming a leaf or petal or stamen. Slight corrections can be made if you're skillful enough; otherwise, it's art without a do-over option.

Link to story. Link to website. -via Nag on the Lake

(Image credit: Deb Lindsey/The Washington Post)

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