12 Bookstore Cats

You'd be surprised at how many book stores across the country (and probably around the world) have cats living in them. It makes sense -people who enjoy books usually enjoy cats as well, often at the same time. In this mental_floss article, you'll meet a dozen of the many bookstore cats who have their own fans, locally and online. Pictured is Asimov, resident cat at Seek Books in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. Link

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There's a book store here in Montreal that has two cats. Across the street from it is a new age store which also has two cats.

I'm not into new age stuff, but I've been to that store just to see the cats. :)
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There's a privately-owned "record shop" (they only sell CDs, but "CD shop" doesn't sound right) in my town that used to have a resident cat who would sleep on top of the CDs.
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I am a voracious reader and also have a severe allergy to cats (and dogs, and rabbits, and all other furry animals). So many small businesses that I would love to patronize have resident pets, which not only prevent me from entering the establishment but also purchasing anything from them.

Worst part is, I *love* animals. I would be ecstatic to go to a bookstore and cuddle with fuzzy bundles while reading. Oh well.
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