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Michelangelo's Secret Message

Two experts in neuroanatomy are convinced that Michelangelo's depiction of God in the Sistine Chapel contains a secret message found in the bumps on the Almighty's neck: a map of the human brain (meant to represent human intelligence). It seems to me that an expert in vegetables would see a bell pepper, and an expert in clouds would see a cumulonimbus, but their argument is nothing if not exhaustive.

There are plenty of other easter eggs hidden in masterpieces, so maybe it's true.

Link via 3QuarksDaily

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It makes for a good story, but what purpose does it serve? Why the hell would someone be so secretive? Why the hell would someone try to argue this?

I mean, seriously, the outlined figure they have looks like a woman in jeans with a tucked in shirt, laying on her stomach, facing away from the viewer. Maybe Michelangelo was trying to tell us that jeans were going to be a huge hit. Maybe he secretly liked the tucked-in shirt look.

Give me a fu**ing break.
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Two brazilians doctors published a book about it in 2004:
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