Timely Venn Diagram

Considering the earlier story of Falcon Heene and the flying saucer, this Public Service Announcement by Ebru strikes home. She named it "The Truest Venn Diagram I Have Ever Made." Link -via Buzzfeed

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A. This is not an accurate Ven diagram, as detailed earlier.
B. I own a gun, a flying saucer and a rabid pet and I am not a conspiracy theorist, redneck, or Michael Jackson. Actually I just own a firearm. I have it for home protection and target practice and I don't think that makes me a racist, no-nothing hillbilly.
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Why does everyone always assume that people that own weapons (especially guns) have to be crazy backwoods hillbillies? I live in Missouri, so it's a little bit country, but I am by no means a redneck. People have no idea just how theraputic it is to go to a target range and squeeze off a few rounds from a handgun.
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"Timely Venn Diagram"

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