Periodic Table of Video Game Characters


Inspired by a the Periodic Table of Cartoon Characters by Andrew Speers of Old Man Musing, the folks at I Heart Chaos made one of their own. This time, with video game characters:

As far as my criteria for what went where, I tried to give room first to characters who are primarily and originally video game characters, but not always. Batman for example, is first a comic book character, but there were some pretty kickass Batman games, the one for NES in particular. Same with Homer Simpson-- he's primarily a cartoon character, but he's appeared in more video games than most of the other characters on the table. For Hf, after not even finding a Pokemon or Star Wars character that had an H or an f in their name, I had to resort to Heifer from Rocko's Modern Life, since there was a Rocko game for the SNES. Stupid Hf.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by \'\' cbz3000.

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Thanks for the credit Neatorama, since I Heart Chaos neglected to do so. Glad my work can inspire.

(It's OldManMusings with an "s" at the end.)
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First one I noticed was Markus Phoenix from Gears of War, quite suitable to represent iron(Fe). I highly disagree with Joe Madden representing mendelevium(Md), that ass clown doesn't deserve that spot.
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