Only Four Chords Are Needed to Make a Hit Song


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The Axis of Awesome analyzed all the pop music hits, and came to the conclusion that you only need to know 4 simple chords to make a good song! Sounds easy enough... check out the medley.

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This is a funny lil vid. Me and my best friend john are doing this for the talent show this year. Cuz it's interesting, and SOOO much fun to play ^.^ and all u crazy musician crazies... IGNORANCE IS BLISS! Im just chillin wit my 4 chords. So what the Ramones only use 3? I love the ramones, but this is still unbelievably fun to play and enjoy. :))
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I get where some musician buffs would knit-pick this vid, but really, it's just funny, and it's fun to watch and sing along to. It's a COMEDY rock band. COMEDY. it's meant to be laughed at. so chill, and laugh away :] cuz i sure did.
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Look up the original Grease (or watch the movie in the dance).
Those Magic Changes points these chords out.
C Am F G. They use G7 in the show but its still the same chords.
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The chords on guitar are:
C G Am F.
Then repeat. Other songs like 99 red balloons, mario kart love song, hips don't lie, etc can be done with those if you transpose a little XD
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