Ferrari Wrapped Around a Pole

It's a story and picture made for the internet. The driver and his passenger escaped with only minor injuries when the £100,000 Ferrari met a utility pole in Adelaide, Australia. The front half of the car was split in two.
Pictures of the crashed vehicle resulted in one internet blogger commenting: 'I wonder what action the police will take with an idiot driving a Ferrari.'

Another commentator said: 'We're making a few assumptions here, but when a young guy is driving a Ferrari worth a quarter of a million bucks, and then splits it almost in two, someone's going to be grounded for life.'

See full-size pictures at the Mail Online. Link -Thanks, Moi!

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Just looks so horrid because it doesn't have the engine up front. The pole can sink into the car much easier.

And please post a daily mail warning. ;)
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@ Miss C.

A prang is slang for a crash... generally due to a stupid error of judgement and (usually) one where no-one gets seriously hurt / killed.

Dates from at least WW1 Royal Flying Corps... "pranged the kite on landing old boy" ...that sort of thing ;)
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It's definitely real, here's the article from the local news. Just so you know, we don't use the pound here in Australia ;),,24564978-5006301,00.html
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