Baby Echidna is So Cute!

Here's the ugliest/cutest baby you'll see today: a baby echidna!

Echidnas and the Platypus are the only egg-laying mammals, known as monotremes. The female lays a single soft-shelled, leathery egg twenty-two days after mating and deposits it directly into her pouch. Hatching takes ten days; the young echidna, called a puggle, then sucks milk from the pores of the two milk patches (monotremes have no nipples) and remains in the pouch for forty-five to fifty-five days, at which time it starts to develop spines. The mother digs a nursery burrow and deposits the puggle, returning every five days to suckle it until it is weaned at seven months.

Cellar Image of the Day has more pics: Link

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monotreme,. meaning one hole IIRC, they have a cloaca for urination defecation and birth.

Just as well they are in an egg when born.

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"Baby Echidna is So Cute!"

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