Mime Alphabet Book

Photo: eliz.avery [Flickr]

Flickr user eliz.avery found this strange children book from 1974: the Mime Alphabet Book by Nina and Cathy Gasiorowicz - via Quiddity

Here are a couple of the letters:

D is for dying
N is for nobody
T is for trapped
X is for xenophobia (fear of strange things)

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Wow! Nina and I created this book when I was in 10th grade as a way to avoid writing a paper on communications. We shot the photos in our basement on a white sheet, and because we developed them ourselves in a friend's darkroom, they were a mess--to say nothing of my mime abilities which were primitive at best. (I did, however, score an "A.")

When Lerner Publications picked it up, we were paid a total of $300--big bucks compared to babysitting--but even better, we were panned by the NY Times Review of Books. That's actually one of my prouder moments--how many teenagers can claim THAT?!

Anyway, it's utterly lovely to read about this odd little book online--a concept which in 1974 wasn't even the stuff of SciFi.

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Wow! I'm the person who uploaded this on flickr! I had no idea that this odd little book I found at our local library book sale had gotten so much notice. Yes, it was absolutely a children's book (not at all an art book). It was being deaccessioned and it was in perfect condition; it clearly had never been looked at (I wonder why?). I'd be happy to scan the rest of it, but I gave the book away to a flickr pal who was pining for it! Maybe I should ask him to scan the rest!
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