Anamorphic Cup and Saucer.



Lazybones sells teacups, coffee cups, and "your own logo" cups in classic anamorphic style. The image on the saucer is distorted, and the cup reflects a corrected image:

[Anamorphic] refers to a distorted image that only appears
normal when viewed with or reflected from a
special device. The most common of these devices
is the anamorphic cylinder, which typically
consists of a cylinder with a highly reflective
surface, placed in the center of painting that
is lying face-up. Such curiosities first appeared
in the 1600s, and became popular throughout
Europe in the 18th century.

Here is an eighteenth-century anamorphic painting of a ship:


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That's awesome, I've seen something like this at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, it was quite interesting. It was of a horse and rider.
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Also some movies (at least Cinemascope) are shot through an special lens and require a special lens to project.

And DVDs that are created for widescreen. If you play such a DVD on a normal DVD and tell the DVD player your television is widescreen (16:9) then the image looks compressed horizontally.
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