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How To Check The Quality Of A Suit Jacket In About 30 Seconds

(Image Link)

Every guy should own at least one suit in case of dressy event, wedding or funeral, and if you're a one suit kinda guy you'll want to buy a high quality jacket- so you never have to buy another.

Now unless you can afford a custom tailored suit, or you've got a connect in the garment industry, you'll want to know how to spot a quality garment and make sure you're getting a good deal.

According to this smart graphic by Ted Slampyak and The Art Of Manliness you should start by checking the fabric and stitching, then look for a finer lining, lapels that roll a bit and buttons that aren't made of plastic.

-Via Lifehacker

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Hyperrealistic Drawings That Look Like Posed Photographs

These days everyone's a photographer, and the phones in our pockets take great pics we can instantly edit, filter and share with everyone on the planet if we'd like, all of which is now seen as no big deal.

But this photo boom has made another artistic skill seem far more impressive- the ability to create photo realistic illustrations.

Everybody can take a good pic, but very few people on the planet have the drawing skill necessary to make a bunch of ink on the page look like a perfect photograph of the subjects.

Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley has the skills, but he also has the imagination to make the subjects in each drawing look like they're posing for a photo, which somehow manages to make them look even more realistic.

"Sometimes it's almost like I'm not in control of my pencil," he adds. "It's sort of like energy transfer: most times I feel like I transfer my energy into a blank piece of paper through my pencils and it becomes art."

Stanley isn't certain how long each piece takes to complete because he often loses track of time during the creative process. But, he estimates that a work takes anywhere from 200 to 300 hours until it is finished.

See more from These Aren't Photographs, They're Arinze Stanley's Hyperrealist Drawings here

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"Hi Stranger" May Leave You Feeling Uncomfortable

There's something odd about people who greet others as "strangers", and whenever someone says "hi stranger" to me I immediately assume they're either joking or hiding bodies in their basement.

The creepy little clay guy in "Hi Stranger" by Kirsten Lepore kicks off the short by greeting us in this odd way, then he reveals himself to be either our biggest fan or our future stalker- or probably both.

Plus his clay buns are out, and you won't be able to resist taking a peek...*shivers*

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Superfan Proves Rogue One Blends Perfectly Into A New Hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was one of those rare in-between films that managed to fill in a blank in a massive cinematic universe and hold its own as a great movie.

But after watching the film many fans wondered how the end of Rogue One would flow into the beginning of A New Hope, because that's the continuity level we've come to expect from Star Wars.

So editor Barre Fong spliced the films together and discovered the transition is pretty darn clean considering it brings together two films released nearly forty years apart.

"Rogue One" Spliced with "A New Hope" from Barre Fong on Vimeo.

-Via Uproxx

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Everyday Expressions That Came From Aesop

You can't hear the name Aesop without thinking of his fables, and while it's unclear whether he was really a Greek moralist or simply a name attached to the tales Aesop's stories, and their lessons, live on.

These morals are often the first life lessons we learn when we're young, but we're also learning a bunch of different expressions we'll use for the rest of our lives from Aesop's fables.

Expressions like "slow and steady win the race", "revenge is a double-edged sword", "quality, not quantity", "look before you leap" and "one good turn deserves another" are so common we use them without thinking of their Aesop roots.

Another common expression with a very teachable story behind it- the lion's share:

7. To take the “lion’s share.”—From “The Lion, the Fox, and the Ass”

A lion, a fox, and an ass went hunting together and set to divide the spoils of their efforts between them. First, the ass divided the goods into three even piles, at which point the lion attacked and devoured him, then asked the fox to divide the food. The fox, taking a lesson from the ass, gave the lion nearly all of the game and set aside a meager portion for himself, which pleased the lion, who then allowed the fox to live. Another lesson gleaned from this tale? "Happy is the man who learns from the misfortunes of others."

Read 19 Everyday Expressions That Came From Aesop at mental_floss

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A Delightfully Dark Series Of Cartoons About Suicidal Bunnies

Bunnies aren't suicidal like lemmings or hamsters in a cage, but every year around Easter they start to feel depressed because the Easter Bunny has made it suck to be an ordinary rabbit.

Every year the Easter Bunny goes around laying candy eggs in people's yards for their kids to find, thereby making every other rabbit pale in comparison to his magnificence.

So the bunnies in Andy Riley's comic series Bunny Suicides may be suffering from the Easter blues, which almost makes you feel bad about smiling at all the silly ways they try to off themselves. Almost being the key word... *written while devouring Peeps bunnies*

-Via design you trust

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The Time Johnny Cash Was Nearly Killed By An Ostrich

(Johnny Cash Ostrich Attack by Erika Jane)

Johnny Cash survived quite a few dangerous situations during his stormy life on and off the road, and far too many of these situations arose because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

However, the time in 1981 when Uncle Johnny was almost killed by one of his own pet ostriches wasn't his fault, but be that as it may the attack caused him to become readdicted to pain pills and sent him spiraling again.

Here's Uncle Johnny's account of the incident from his book Cash: The Autobiography:

One such spell, the most serious and protracted, began when I took painkillers after eye surgery in 1981, then kept taking them after I didn’t need to. It escalated after I was almost killed by an ostrich.

Ostrich attacks are rare in Tennessee, it’s true, but this one really happened, on the grounds of the exotic animal park I’d established behind the House of Cash offices near my house on Old Hickory Lake. It occurred during a particularly bitter winter, when below-zero temperatures had reduced our ostrich population by half; the hen of our pair wouldn’t let herself be captured and taken inside the barn, so she froze to death. That, I guess, is what made her mate cranky. Before then he’d been perfectly pleasant with me, as had all the other birds and animals, when I walked through the compound.

That day, though, he was not happy to see me. I was walking through the woods in the compound when suddenly he jumped out onto the trail in front of me and crouched there with his wings spread out, hissing nastily.

Nothing came of that encounter. I just stood there until he laid his wings back, quit hissing, and moved off. Then I walked on. As I walked I plotted. He’d be waiting for me when I came back by there, ready to give me the same treatment, and I couldn’t have that. I was the boss. It was my land.

The ostrich didn’t care. When I came back I was carrying a good stout six-foot stick, and I was prepared to use it. And sure enough, there he was on the trail in front of me, doing his thing. When he started moving toward me I went on the offensive, taking a good hard swipe at him.

I missed. He wasn’t there. He was in the air, and a split second later he was on his way down again, with that big toe of his, larger than my size-thirteen shoe, extended toward my stomach. He made contact—I’m sure there was never any question he wouldn’t—and frankly, I got off lightly. All he did was break my two lower ribs and rip my stomach open down to my belt, If the belt hadn’t been good and strong, with a solid belt buckle, he’d have spilled my guts exactly the way he meant to. As it was, he knocked me over onto my back and I broke three more ribs on a rock—but I had sense enough to keep swinging the stick, so he didn’t get to finish me. I scored a good hit on one of his legs, and he ran off.

They cleaned my wounds, stitched me up, and sent me home, but I was nowhere near good as new. Those five broken ribs hurt. That’s what painkillers are for, though, so I felt perfectly justified in taking lots of them. Justification ceased to be relevant after that; once the pain subsided completely I knew I was taking them because I liked the way they made me feel. And while that troubled my conscience, it didn’t trouble it enough to keep me from going down that old addictive road again. Soon I was going around to different doctors to keep those pills coming in the kind of quantities I needed, and when they started upsetting my digestive system, I started drinking wine to settle my stomach, which worked reasonably well. The wine also took the sharper, more uncomfortable edges off the amphetamines I’d begun adding to the mix because—well, because I was still looking for that euphoria.

So there I was, up and running, strung out, slowed down, sped up, turned around, hung on the hook, having a ball, living in hell……

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Clever 3D Printed Sign Changes From Open To Closed With The Turn Of A Gear

3D artists and designers keep coming up with clever and extremely useful stuff for us to print out and enjoy, stuff that wouldn't be nearly as easy to make without the aid of 3D printers.

Recently engineer and 3D designer Matt Harrison, aka Quintox303, created an amazing sign which he uploaded to Thingiverse that changes from open to closed with the turn of a gear.

This Open/Closed Sign from gifs

If your shop (or home) now feels incomplete without this mechani-cool sign you can download it here and print it out at home (or shop) like it ain't no thang- but it is a thang, a really cool thang!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Things You Can Smell Just By Looking At A Picture

(Image Link)

Our sense of smell contributes so much more to our life experiences than we know, and even though we're more likely to remember a foul stench than a good smell during our days we often remember key points by smell.

And that's why we have so many smell memories associated with childhood- those are our formulative years, when everything is new and smells good and bad are a memorable sensory discovery.

(Image Link)

Who could forget how that box of crayons smelled when you opened it, or the oddly calming smell of a jar of paste? That one's a much more vivid smell memory for those who ate the paste than it is for those who didn't, memorable like the smell of a freshly opened can of cheese puffs.

(Image Link)

Yeah, that's a doozy of a smell, ain't it? But to me the best smells of childhood were contained in those rad scratch n sniff stickers, which came in a seemingly never ending range of flavors from pickle to cowboy boot.

(Image Link)

See 32 Things You'll Be Able To Smell Just By Looking At A Picture here

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Guy Documents His 17-Day Journey Aboard Cargo Ship From Europe To Miami

Old timey tales of the sea often included stories of sailors who stowed away aboard ships in order to escape their problems and score free passage to another country, often with dire yet action packed consequences.

But adventurer Tal Oran, aka "The Travelling Clatt", didn't need to smuggle himself aboard this cargo ship or fight the crew to stay aboard- he just had to pay about $900 and submit himself to the solitude for a 17-day cargo "cruise"

(YouTube Link)

Tal began his bizarre journey in Portugal and rode all the way to Miami, Florida, recording the whole thing so people can see what the daily life of a cargo sailor looks like.

Pack your bags, step out of your comfort zone, and take a trip. You'll thank me later

A post shared by Tal (@thetravelingclatt) on Aug 9, 2016 at 1:48pm PDT

-Via reddit

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Fun Ways To Mildly Annoy Your Pets

(Image Link)

If you have a pet that is never annoying, noisy or destructive then you are one of the luckiest pet owners on Earth...or you're lying.

Most of us fall right in the middle with pets that are annoying, destructive and noisy on occasion, so we don't hate them enough to put them on the curb with a "Free" sign around their neck.

However, they destroy and annoy at times and for that they must pay, but animal abuse of any kind is despicable and dead wrong, so how do we get revenge without going over the line?

We get back at our pets by mildly annoying them, making them wear hats, wigs or a piece of bread on their head, or better yet just use them as a placemat, they mildly hate that.

(Image Link)

See Do You Like Annoying Your Pets (Mildly)? here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Get Geared Up For A Year Full Of Great Shows With A NeatoShop T-Shirt!

P.Q 1976 by Velvetmusketeer

Some years are sadly devoid of good movies and TV shows, which contributes to that year's rep as a "sucky one", but 2017 is going to be one blockbuster year for fans!

And if you're as excited as we are about all visual media awesomeness coming out in 2017 then why not wear your excitement on your chest in the form of a NeatoShop t-shirt?!

There have already been some pretty sharp releases this year

Jolly Logan by AndreusD

With stuff for mature comic book fans and those who want to feel like a kid again

Beauty and the...um by Kuitsuku

And if Kong's grand return is any indication 2017 is going to be a great year for sequels too!

God save the King by Vitaliy Klimenko

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She's Super! - It's The Woman Of Steel, Thank You Very Much

She's Super! by hugohugo

Kal-El used to hog all the glory by being the most super hero on the planet, but ever since his cousin Kara Zor-El decided to take to the skies and do her part to save the planet she's been outshining her cocky cousin. It turns out people were tired of seeing ol' Supes and longed to see some new blood sporting the S on their chest, and Kara is just what the doctor ordered! She makes smacking down alien villains look good, and with a little help from the Martian J'onn J'onzz Kara just might outshine her famous cousin yet!

Show some love for your favorite superheroine with this She's Super! t-shirt by hugohugo, it's a classic way to tell Kara you appreciate all she's done for us mere mortals.

Visit hugohugo's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more super cool designs:

We Can Do It!(Furiously) Clever Girl! NegasoniCan Do It! SIFURIO

View more designs by hugohugo | More TV T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Some Of The Strangest Products Endorsed By Famous Musicians

(Image Link)

It totally made sense when Chubby Checker endorsed the game Twister, or when Sammy Hagar started making his own tequila down Mexico way.

But it's strange to see musicians endorsing brands like Overstock, Country Life butter and Sour Patch Kids, and we can't help but feel like they've lost their edge when we see them schilling such normal products.

1. Andrew W.K. for Playtex Fresh + Sexy Wipes-

(Image Link)

Andrew W.K. gets really, really sweaty during his high octane stage performances, so he probably uses a towel or wipe to clean up after the show- which must be how he came to endorse Playtex Fresh + Sexy wipes.

Still, Playtex is associated almost exclusively with feminine hygiene products, so it was brave of Mr. W.K. to bridge the gender gap and show the world Fresh + Sexy wipes are for every sweaty one of us...oh wait, they're labeled "intimate wipes", so they're for a different kind of sweaty....

(YouTube Link)

2. Bret Michaels for Overstock-

(Image Link)

When Bret Michaels was the lead singer of Poison he had an insatiable appetite for booze, drugs and groupies, but Bret has come a long way from those hard rockin' days- and now he sells stuff through Overstock.com.

This may seem like a strange partnership, since Overstock is more soccer mom than rocker chick, but one of the things Bret sells on Overstock is his own line of luggage, something he'd know a thing or two since he's done so much touring.

(YouTube Link)

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10 Of The Greatest Time Travel TV Shows Ever Made

Few sci-fi TV show subgenres are more beloved than Time Travel shows- the shows that capture our imaginations about the future and bring out our inner history nerd in a major way.

1. It's About Time (1966-67)-

(Image Link)

Astronauts Mac McKenzie and Hector Canfield find themselves transported back to the days of cavemen and dinosaurs in the definitely not based on real science comedy It's About Time, which lasted for 26 episodes in 1967.

This good natured romp created by Sherwood Schwartz is technically a time travel TV show because Mac and Hector travel back in time and back to the present, bringing an entire cave-family with them.

(YouTube Link)

2. Seven Days (1998-2001)-

(Image Link)

In Seven Days the NSA creates a time machine using alien technology scavenged from Roswell to send "chrononauts" seven days into the past to prevent the destruction of the White House and the death of POTUS and the VP.

The Chronosphere can only send a chrononaut back seven days due to "limitations imposed by the fuel source and its reactor", so chrononauts are only allowed to deal with matters of national security.

Even though Seven Days managed to stay under the radar in terms of ratings the show was extremely popular with fans, who totally dug the X-Files-inspired vibe of the show.

(YouTube Link)

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The Most Popular Slang Terms From The Year You Were Born

Popular slang terms started entering the lexicon year by year in the 20th century, and it's starting to look like slang may start changing on a monthly basis due to online trends and social media.

But many of those new slang words are unlikely to stick, which is a testament to the staying power of well crafted slang terms like Gold Dig (1926), Snazzy (1931), Burp (1932), Fave (1938),  and Duh (1943).

Along the lines of Duh, did you know Doh! made it into the slang lexicon nearly 45 years before Homer Simpson would make the expression even more famous?

That's right- Doh! dates back to 1945 and has roots in radio, which is a pretty Dorky (1970) factoid that will blow the minds of your fellow Nerds (1951)!

See The Most Popular Slang The Year You Were Born here

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A Guide To Los Angeles' Most Popular Hybrid Foods And Where To Find Them

Los Angeles is a lot like New York in that both cities represent the American melting pot, where people of all races, religions and nationalities coexist and share their culture's wares, fashion and delicious food creations.

This multicultural cohabitation often leads to a sharing of ideas as well, and in L.A. that sharing leads to the creation of amazing hybrid foods, like the Lobster Elote or Clam Chowder Fries.

But there's one big problem for foodies who want to try these fantastic hybrid foods- they're only served at one or two places in town.

The Lobster Elote is sold by the Latin-Asian fusion food truck Dos Chinos, who also have a stall at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, while Chowder Fries are sold at Slapfish Restaurant locations throughout the city.

And if you're going to drive all over town to try the new hybrid food hotness you've gotta stop by Röckenwagner Bakery, where they're serving up the heavenly Crö-Dough-

Made with Rockenwagner’s croissant dough (the fat content was adjusted to make it crispier), the Crö-Dough is filled with pastry cream, the top is coated in a thick sugar glaze, and there’s even more sugar around the pastry, much like the Cronut. You can pull apart the layers, savoring each one individually, if you can stand it. Most people finish this thing in a couple of bites.

Read Where To Find Clam Chowder Fries, Pizza Dumplings and more Hybrid Foods here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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What Horror Movie Stars Look Like Underneath The Masks And Makeup

(Samara from The Ring, played by Daveigh Chase)

The faces of our favorite slasher stars have been revealed, but what about all those C-list creeps who scared us silly in movies like The Ring, The Conjuring and Insidious?

(Valak from The Conjuring 2, played by Bonnie Aarons)

Their totally normal appearance when not in makeup is mighty surprising, and who could have guessed The Bride In Black from Insidious: Chapter 2 was actually played by a man?

(Bride In Black from Insidious: Chapter 2, played by Tom Fitzpatrick)

Okay, in retrospect it wasn't that surprising to find out there was a man under that veil, but who knew the kid who played Sam in the cult classic Trick 'r Treat was such a cutie!

(Sam from Trick 'r Treat, played by Quinn Lord)

See What Horror Movie Stars Look Like In Real Life here

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Band Names We've All Been Mispronouncing

It can be hard to pronounce names that aren't spelled in a standard way, and when you add in cultural or creative factors seemingly simple words get mangled and mispronounced even more often.

During the radio days band names were rarely mispronounced because radio DJs said them aloud, but streaming music services don't come with pronunciation guides and names like Haim and Die Antwoord can be hard to figure out on your own.

(YouTube Link)

This video shared by Grunge should help clear up some of the band name confusion, but actually understanding what Yolandi and Ninja are thinking remains a mystery.

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Fun With A Giant Marshmallow Gummy Bear In A Vacuum Chamber

Playing with your food is fun, but using a vacuum chamber to play with your food means you're using science to play with your food- making it fun for both your brain and your eyeballs!

We've seen how vacuum chambers affect popular marshmallow candies like Peeps, warping them in all kinds of funny ways, but nothing shows the pressures of that vac-cha life quite like a giant marshmallow gummy bear.

(YouTube Link)

The Vacuum Chamber channel created this sweet video so we can see what happens when a poor gummy bear finds itself trapped in a mad food scientist's laboratory.

-Via Laughing Squid

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Beastie Boys' Secret Country Album

The Beastie Boys are the first successful white rap group, and even though they had punk rock roots the B-Boys had to play up their hip hop image during the 80s order to make it big.

But Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA were also able to maintain one special thing throughout their career- their incredibly campy sense of humor.

You could see it in their videos and hear it in their songs from day one, and in 1999-2000 their silly sense of humor led the Beasties to create a secret country album for a couple hundred of their closest friends.

The album is called "Country Mike's Greatest Hits", and it features thirteen bonafide, if not a bit silly, country tracks, some of which real country music fans might actually enjoy.

(YouTube Link)

Read more about 'Country Mike's Greatest Hits' at Dangerous Minds

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How Exaggerated Cartoon Proportions Would Lead To Dire Consequences

Character designers learn how to exaggerate a cartoon character's proportions so they're unbelievable enough to have visual appeal but believable enough that audiences will actually care about them.

This exaggerated anatomy has shaped the iconic look of cartoons to the point where we can't imagine toons without noodly limbs, giant heads, ridiculously large shoulders, preposterously tiny waistlines and great big eyes.

But if these same proportions were applied to living people the results would be horrific, as the simple acts of looking, walking, lifting, standing and giving birth ravage bodies too imbalanced to function properly.

Their brains would struggle in vain to process all the information presented by their big eyes, their noodle arms and legs would make movement and muscular exertion of any kind excruciating, and don't even get me started on giant toon heads and childbirth...

Read 6 Unintended Consequences Of Cartoon Character Design here (NSFW language)

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How To Get Newbie Heroes To Do Your Yard Work

Nobody likes doing yard work, and anybody who claims they like pulling weeds, mowing lawns and chopping wood is either full of manure or they're trying to con you into thinking yard work is fun.

But, as this Is It Canon comic shows, if a low level hero shows up on your doorstep looking for a quest it's okay to lie to them, because doing all that thankless work for nothing builds character- and they've gotta earn XP somehow!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Strongest Hero - Solving City Z's Problems One Punch At A Time

Strongest Hero by ddjvigo

The citizens of City Z used to claim that no problem could ever be solved with one punch, but with determination and lots of rigorous physical training Saitama has proven them all wrong. But will his single punch method of solving problems really be enough to defeat the darkness that is amassing in the world today? Or will the world's strongest hero discover the darkness that lurks inside mankind cannot be punched into oblivion? Tune in and find out!

Show some love for your favorite anime superhero with this Strongest Hero t-shirt by Ddjvigo, it's the traditional Japanese style way to celebrate the impact that not-so traditional hero has had on our lives!

Visit ddjvigo's NeatoShop for more powerfully geeky designs:

Welcome to Scarif Red sun God Hylian Warrior The Little Hero

View more designs by ddjvigo | More Anime T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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AKU Has A POSSE (Japanese Variant) - Demonic Street Art Is Scary!

AKU has a POSSE (Japanese variant) by Jango Snow

The lone samurai known as Jack had always assumed that demonic despot Aku was working alone, since he seemed too power hungry to share his throne and too despicable for anyone to hang around, but Jack soon found out Aku has a posse. And these evil miscreants have been ravaging the planet for millennia, which is why Jack has found it so hard to wipe the stain of darkness and corruption from the face of the Earth. But now that he knows the truth Jack has put together a posse of good people who are ready to wipe this planet clean of Aku's evil filth and restore it to its former beauty once again, even if they have to use the blood of the corrupt as their medium...

Throw on this AKU has a POSSE (Japanese variant) t-shirt by Jango Snow and people will give you mad props wherever you go, just don't let all that power go to your head!

Visit Jango Snow's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

McContra Stranger 2 Cowabunga Step Bros

View more designs by Jango Snow | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Part Of Each Other - We've Always Been Stronger Together

Part of Each Other by Karen Hallion

To deny the power crystals have over our lives is to deny the very power of the natural world to create and destroy, as nature strives to maintain a balance between positive and negative energies. But it seems every planet has a group of inhabitants who think they can go against the natural order of things, people whose ego and desire for power makes them take instead of give, destroy instead of build. They don't want to admit that we're all in this together, beings stuck on a planet some would destroy like the Skeksis for the sake of decadence and monetary gain, and until they learn to embrace the truth as we have the Kiras and Jens of the world will just have to keep on fighting for our future...

Bring home a tee you'll want to wear for the rest of your Henson lovin' life by grabbing this Part Of Each Other t-shirt by Karen Hallion, featuring a magical and beautifully drawn design that will make your fellow Dark Crystal fans drool with delight!

Visit Karen Hallion's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more fantastically geeky designs:

Huttslayer You Comin' Blondie? 13th Doctor Big Bad Wolf

View more designs by Karen Hallion | More Fantasy T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Excited Electron - They Have The Power To Change Our Lives

Excited electron by Andropov

The fact that an electron has the power to lighten any mood is not lost on scientists, and because electrons have a negative elementary electric charge they work like a double negative and turn negative attitudes into positive ones! What, you say they don't work that way? Do you also deny that electrons are an essential component of magnetism, and that their field "aura" is not in any way magnetic? Sheesh, who's the Neddy Negatron now?!

Spread some smiles among the scientifically minded with this Excited Electron t-shirt by Andropov, it's a fun way to spark discussions with your fellow fans about electron-ica and the power subatomic particles have to change our lives!

Visit Andropov's Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more super smart designs:

Don't be negative... BE A PROTON! Optimist, pessimist, SCIENTIST! sudo rm -rf / Rock & Rolle!

View more designs by Andropov | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Waifu Material - If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put A Ringu On It

Waifu Material by Inkling Apparel

There's a difference between being a wife and being waifu, and it's not just the spelling of the word. It has to do with reality and fantasy, the truth about love and marriage and the fiction seen on the TV screen, real life women and unrealistic anime girls. Many fans search their entire lives to find someone who lives up to their anime-influenced standards, looking for that perfect person they'll never really find. But maybe if more people just embraced the waifu within them and started letting themselves be a bit more imaginative and dream a little harder we wouldn't see the difference between wives and waifu. And the world would be a nerdier place, with more love and acceptance for all!

Advertise your anime side with this Waifu Material t-shirt by Inkling Apparel, and show the world you're as rare as a unicorn- and every bit as real!

Visit Inkling Apparel's Instagram, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more otaku approved designs:


View more designs by Inkling Apparel | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Dark Guts - Make Mind And Body One And You'll Have An Edge On All

Dark Guts by Coinbox Tees

Warriors for hire hardly have any time to collect their thoughts since they're constantly at work fighting in another war, but Guts finds time to rest and reflect because his mind has a deep, dark undercurrent from which he derives his strength. And when you've seen as much needless death, destruction and carnage as Guts has it's enough to drive you berserk unless you take some time to process it all. They say your weapon will cut deeper if you hone its edge and keep it sharp, and the same can be said of the mind, the part of your body most often underestimated when you're a massive man. But Guts has proven that to be truly mighty you must bring mind and body together and become the ultimate weapon.

Add some dark fantasy awesomeness to your geeky wardrobe with this Dark Guts t-shirt by Coinbox Tees, and watch your fellow anime fans huzzah with delight when they see your cool new shirt!

Visit Coinbox Tees's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Super princess sisters! Hunters & Monsters Get in the bag! This Aint no game

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Mushroom Skull - 1-UP Or Die!

Mushroom Skull by c0y0te7

Mushrooms are often beautiful looking, with rich coloring and an eye pleasing shape that makes both humans and elves happy, but they're also some of the deadliest life on Earth. That's the real reason why Princess Peach's great great grandfather Lord Tangerine Poppyseed named his kingdom Mushroom- as a warning to those who would dare cross him or try to invade his kingdom. The mushrooms that grew there at the time were extremely poisonous, and used as a weapon rather than a power up, but it wasn't long before genetic engineering via magic mushrooms that heal and boost rather than kill were created....but so were the Goombas....

You don't have to hit the pipe to find this Mushroom Skull t-shirt by c0y0te7 appealing, it's a super dark and smudgy design made for the toughest bros and women in the kingdom- and Mario too!

Visit c0y0te7's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more gamer-iffic designs:

Mamma Miaaa! Flower Power Fire Ball Deep Cloud Up Dead TreeForce

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Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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