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Vintage Photos Of Times Square At Its Lowest Point

Decades before Times Square became the family and tourist friendly destination it is today it was a cesspool of depravity and crime.

And while kooks like the Elmo mascot are still making the place feel a bit scummy it's now so clean you can eat near it.

But back in the 70s and 80s Times Square was full of peep shows, porno theaters and prostitutes, and the police turned a blind eye to much of the depraved action going down on the block.

Or maybe they were just too busy busting other types of criminals, because by 1984 over 2,000 crimes were being committed in the one-block radius of Times Square every year.

And if that weren't bad enough, the Square was also full of another group of people who really got on everyone's nerves- Hare Krishnas.

See 27 Pictures Of Times Square At Its Lowest here (NSFW)

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Studio Ghibli Explains Why Chihiro's Parents Turned Into Pigs In Spirited Away

Spirited Away is Japan's highest grossing film of all time, and even though the Japanese mythology themes aren't fully understood by most non-Japanese viewers the film is still a delight to watch.

But there's one scene even Japanese audiences wondered about- the scene where Chihiro's parents suddenly become pigs.

It was fairly easy to tell the scene was commenting on gluttony and/or greed, but Twitter user @0910noncha wanted to know for sure so she messaged Studio Ghibli- and they answered.

The studio sent her a two-page long reply, explaining that the pig scene is meant to represent “the greed that took place during the Japanese recession of the 80s”:

The letter also explained that the transformation was irreversible in order to reflect the nature of greed in the real world. The letter continued by saying that Chihiro knew that none of the pigs in the pen were her parents because her mindset had changed following her experiences in the underworld.

-Via Bored Panda

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Needful Things - They Don't Call Them Possessions For Nothing

Needful Things by Nemons

When visiting the town of Castle Rock, Maine it's important to remember a few things- always be on your best behavior, minding your manners whenever you speak to a local, don't speak of any strange occurrences you may bear witness to while in town, and stay away from a shop called Needful Things. That shop is shunned by the locals for a reason, and even though a few folks in town refuse to stop paying Leland Gaunt a visit the rest of the town have learned their lesson about toying with forces beyond human control. You're no doubt wishing we would elaborate on that subject for a minute but the less you know about Needful Things the better...

Advertise your favorite spooky fictional shop of horrors with this Needful Things t-shirt by Nemons, it's sure to make you a King among your fellow fans!

Visit Nemons's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Heroes and Villains Is the Cat in the Hat? The Jungle King Dastardly Wacky races

View more designs by Nemons | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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No Mortal Knows The Password

You should always keep your friends close, your enemies even closer and your passwords closest of all, like inside your brain never to be typed, written out or spoken aloud to anyone.

There is no one you can trust with your password, not even your dearly beloved, so remember the teachings of Charlie Higson from Heck If I Know and stay safe while adventuring online.

And beware ratchet hoes bearing gifts...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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This Possibly Possessed Keyboard Player Stole The Show

According to Phantom Of The Opera people who enjoy tickling the keys of a piano, organ or keyboard are prone to possession by evil spirits and have a natural propensity for evil.

This theory doesn't include little old ladies who play the organ at church, or the piano gods Little Richard and Liberace, but it's safe to assume sinister forces are at work within this young lady.

Either that or she's really freaking out about finals.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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The Animal Version Of "Brother From Another Mother"

(Image Link)

You're probably familiar with the “brother from another mother, sister from another mister” concept regarding people you meet in life who look like they could be your next-of-kin...or you.

This spooky similarity often goes beyond merely looking the same, as you discover you share interests, taste and mannerisms in common with your doppelganger.

(Image Link)

The same thing can happen with animals, only their “brother from another mother” similarities can cross species, making a dog and a cat look like they were separated at birth.

(Image Link)

Perhaps this doppelganger effect exists so every animal species on Earth will learn to get along with each other, whether we're hairless apes or hairless critters.

(Image Link)

See more from 10+ Animal Brothers From Other Mothers here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Live Action Futurama Fan Film For The Ages

 photo grj0bvlpk2sqikmlktev_zpsfl5udcrl.gif

Which adjectives come to mind when you think of a live action Futurama fan film?

If you said campy, cartoony and a little bit creepy then you've won first prize! So whaddya win?

A chance to watch the trailer for an amazing looking Futurama fan film by Cinema Relics called Fan-O-Rama!

(YouTube Link)

Is it just me or does Dr. Farnsworth look like an ancient ninja turtle?

-Via io9

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Boomer The Bengal Cat Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills

We've all seen dogs who are really good skaters, but as it turns out cats are totally rad thrashers too, and they were either too lazy or too cool to show off their skills for the sake of human amusement.

But in this video Boomer the Bengal finally relents and shows off his sk8 or die side while his famous skater sister Didga, as well as a few dumbfounded dogs, cheer him on.

(YouTube Link)

Boomer is definitely the laid back beach cruiser type, and unlike those easily sidetracked canines he looks like he'd be happy to push that board around all day long!

-Via Laughing Squid

See more videos of Boomer and his sister Didga.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Teen Comes Out To Her Family While Riding Splash Mountain

It can be tough for a teen to find the courage and come out of the closet to their friends and family, especially when they assume one or both of the groups will give them hell for being gay.

But sixteen-year-old Gina was tired of keeping her sexuality a secret- she wanted to live out loud, so she came out to her family at the photo-op point on Disneyland's Splash Mountain.

Inspiring, exciting, and hilarious, Gina really came out in style with this photo!

-Via Boing Boing

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New Chinese Secret Weapon - A Giant Panda Wearing Iron Man Armor

It has become abundantly clear the Chinese are obsessed with Iron Man, and not just because his armor is red and gold in color just like their flag.

They're also obsessed with panda bears, which they thankfully began to cherish and protect before they went extinct, and now they've brought both obsessions together in one amazing statue.

This giant Iron Panda statue was created by Chinese artist Bi Heng, measures nearly thirty feet tall and must weigh a ton considering normal sized pandas definitely aren't lightweights.

The statue hangs around Shenyang, where people cherish this massive testament to mammalian ingenuity, and if the world is ever in trouble Iron Panda will be there to preserve balance with a blast of his Yin-Yang palm laser.

-Via design you trust

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A Chart Showing When It's Okay To Leave Kids Home Alone

(Image Link)

I grew up around a bunch of latchkey kids who walked themselves home from school every day and often had to make their own dinner because their parent(s) were always working.

This seemed quite normal, and made it easy to find kids to play with after school, but nowadays most parents wouldn't dream of letting their kids live that latchkey life.

Which brings up the question- when is a kid old enough to be left home alone?

This chart created by Thirty Handmade Days attempts to answer that question, breaking it down by age group and showing which states have laws against leaving kids home alone.

It seems a bit ridiculous to worry about leaving a 16-17 year old home alone, but what do you think- do you agree with this chart?

-Via CountryLiving

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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On Patrol With South Korea's Suicide Rescue Team

Suicidal people often choose tall buildings and bridges from which to kill themselves, and in South Korea the Han River bridge is the choice for the suicidal, which is where the Yeoudio Water Rescue Unit comes in.

South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world, but they also have brave people like Captain Hyung-Guen Suh who rescue those who attempt to kill themselves in the Han River.

Sometimes they're successful, other times they can do no more than retrieve a body, but they're working hard to make their part of the world a better place by showing that they care about human life.

(YouTube Link)


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Some Of The Most Bizarre Things The Hulk Has Ever Done

The Hulk is one of the most predictable characters in the Marvel Universe, because his battles almost always involve smashing or sheer resilience, but he's also a bit of a head case too.

And whether he's locked in a fit of rage, struggling with his identity crisis or trying to figure out why his friends are fighting with him The Hulk definitely isn't all there mentally.

Over the years the Jade Giant has made some downright bizarre decisions, such as hooking up with his first cousin She-Hulk, playing baseball while wearing blackface, and beating up Santa Claus in front of a bunch of kids.

Beatin' on Thor is one thing, but you'd better leave Santa Claus alone you big green/gray brute!

Read the 11 Biggest WTF Things The Hulk Has Ever Done here

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Ridiculously Funny Customer Complaint Tweets

(Image Link)

If you think working in retail is hard try working in the customer service department, now those poor employees have to deal with the worst humanity has to offer.

At least they get a good laugh out of some of the customer complaints that come in, although for every fool who can't figure out the right way to open a pizza box there's a customer with a valid problem.

(Image Link)

But ever since customers started complaining online their issues with companies have become even more ridiculous.

(Image Link)

And now customer service agents have to wade through a sea of trolls to address the real customers with valid complaints, moving us one step closer to the world of Idiocracy.

(Image Link)

Read These Hilarious Customer Service Complaints Are Entertaining For Everyone...Except The Customers here

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Female Fantasy Armor Explained

Female body armor seems to be made with sex appeal in mind rather than protection, at least according to many pop culture franchises, and up until the recent assimilation of geek culture that was fine.

But now people are declaring this sexy armor scandalous and demanding an explanation, so DeviantARTist Nebezial took a stab at explaining how it works with this strip. Seems legit to me!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Tiny Puppy Tries To Fetch The Newspaper

People love to teach their pets how to do tricks, and some pets love to perform tricks because they get extra treats and extra attention from their humans.

Dogs are (arguably) the easiest pets to teach, because tricks such as the army crawl, speaking and fetching just click with them on an instinctual level.

But just because they have the ability to do these tricks within them doesn't mean those tricks come easy to them!

(YouTube Link)

Watching tiny Gracie struggle to fetch a Sunday edition-sized newspaper is truly inspirational, although something tells me she's going to be just fine with the death of the printed page.

-Via CountryLiving

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Conventions Are Coming, So Get Geared Up For Con Fun With A New T-Shirt

SUPER FAN - VARIANT 1 by Outlawalien

San Diego is about to be drowing in con-goers as one of the biggest fandom conventions in the world brings five days of fun to America's Finest City.

SDCC is just the beginning, or the end depending on which cons you go to, and there are fandom conventions all year round so you never have to stop being an attendee.

But if you're gonna start hitting those fandom conventions you'd better get geared up first- with a geeky new shirt from the NeatoShop, where fans are guaranteed to find their new favorite shirt!

Fandom conventions are places where like-minded geeks get together and nerd out

Time Travelers Convention by Coconutman

A yearly event where every kind of geek under the rainbow can be seen

Goku Rainbow by Geek Me That

Including the freaky ones who are in to totally strange stuff!

Cosplay by Theduc

Continue reading

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Road Rage Attacker May Escape Jail If She Can Prove She's An Expert Knitter

(Image Link)

Road rage incidents are rarely forgivable, especially when the rager inflicts bodily harm on a fellow motorist just because they couldn't contain their anger.

And yet it seems getting away with flipping out and punching someone in the face while road raging isn't that hard, provided you have a ridiculous excuse for your behavior.

A rageaholic by the name of Amanda McCabe was recently hauled into Dundee Sheriff court after tailing a fellow driver then dragging the woman out of her car and punching her in the face.

She told the judge her tailing the victim was a coincidence, since she was an expert knitter headed to a specialist wool shop in the same direction when the slow driver got in her way:

On hearing that, Sheriff Rafferty laid down a challenge – one that he said could be the difference between liberty and prison.

He told McCabe she would return to court on December 14 with “multiple knitted items” capable of being sold in a charity shop and raising money for good causes.

Put on the spot, she claimed she could knit a jumper in two-to-three-days at a cost of £6 to £7.

Knitting jumpers to avoid jail time- how's that for an unlikely yarn?!

-Via Boing Boing

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How To Find A Hobby

Life can start to feel a bit monotonous when you don't have a hobby, and there's nothing like finding, and engaging in, an activity you enjoy to help pull you out of a rut.

But don't overlook the things you're already really, really good at, such as eating while laying down, keeping track of the TV remote and wearing the same clothes for three days in a row.

Because according to CollegeHumor comic artist AC Stuart aka Noob the Loser these are all valid options so long as they make you happy. Hobby problem solved!

-Via CollegeHumor

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Hilarious Dad Shows Us How To Install A Baby Car Seat

Dadding ain't easy but it's necessary, so entry level dads who want to work towards father of the year rather than becoming a glorified babysitter have to start learning the tricks of the trade.

And that's why the dad from How To Dad started making videos and such- so he can show newbie dads how to dad it up like a pro.

In this installment How To Dad shows us the "This Dad" and "That Dad" method for installing a baby car seat.

(YouTube Link)

You may still feel like "That Dad" after watching the video, but at least you know you're not alone.

-Via Laughing Squid

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Little Girl Spoofs Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials

Have you ever seen those coma inducing Lincoln Motor Company commercials, featuring Matthew McConaughey speaking cryptically about how long he's been driving Lincolns and how you "have to go back to move forward"?

It turns out they're way more fun to watch when you replace McConaughey with a little girl and replace the Lincoln hybrid with a bright pink Barbie car.

(YouTube Link)

Filmmaker Eric Moyer created this fun commercial spoof starring his daughter Michelle to showcase her laid back attitude and Barbie girl swagger, the qualities which will make her a star someday. Mattel meet Michelle, the face of your new ad campaign!

-Via Laughing Squid

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Actors Who Are Terrible To Their Fans

Some fans take their celebrity worship too far when they find themselves face-to-face with the object of their affection, and this creates awkwardness between fan and idol.

But the awkward feeling isn't always the fan's fault, because some celebs hate dealing with fans so much they turn an already tense moment into sheer social torture.

Even worse- the celebs who use social media to ridicule their fans, talking trash about the people who help pay for their decadent lifestyles and acting like they're "over it" when it comes to having a fanbase.

(YouTube Link)

Screen Rant presents a list of 10 Famous Actors Who Are Terrible To Their Fans, including some stuff about Christian Bale (angry) and Shia LaBeouf (batty), and the time Jesse Eisenberg hated the fans at Comic-Con so much he compared it to a genocide.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Kids Say And Do The Darndest Things, And Then Their Parents Tweet About It

Twitter isn't good for much more than expressing random thoughts or sharing links, but it has proven to be an excellent source of candid comedy thanks to the proud parents who tweet about the odd stuff their kids do and say.

Finally kids who aren't old enough to be on Twitter can have a voice in this digital age of social media socialization and tweety talk, and we can get a good laugh at the adorably crazy stuff kids come up with.

Parents- enjoy your kiddos while they're too young to know the power of teenage hatred, and keep sharing those tweets about your kids so we can live and laugh vicariously through you.

Read 25 Things Kids Have Said That Will Actually Make You Laugh here

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Rarely Seen Photos From The Woodstock Music & Art Fair

It's hard to believe the Woodstock Music & Art Fair happened nearly 50 years ago considering its influence can still be seen at outdoor music festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Woodstock showed the live music loving world that hundreds of thousands of people could gather at an outdoor music festival without food, water or proper bathroom facilities and survive to tell the tale.

But it also taught concert promoters what not to do, and even though Woodstock 1999 was a total disaster it would have been far worse without the lessons taught by Woodstock '69.

These rarely seen photos taken by LIFE photographer John Dominis reveal those three days of madness in glorious color, shedding some light on all the other stuff that was going on while the flower children danced on sunshine.

See 40 Rare And Unseen Color Photos Of The Woodstock Music & Art Fair here

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The Simplest And Most Effective Ways To Climb A Rope

I'm not sure whether kids are still forced to climb ropes in gym class these days but back when I was a youngster the rope climb was one of the most dreaded activities in the gymnasium.

There were always a couple of cocky kids who could climb the rope like nobody's business while the rest of us struggled to get off the ground.

Turns out we just needed to learn a few tricks involving our feet and we would have been able to climb that rope like a champ too!

(YouTube Link)

Parkour master Ryan Ford demonstrates the easiest way to climb a rope (the leg-wrap technique) as well as a more advanced technique (fast rope) and a few exercises to get your upper body in shape for the climb.

-Via Lifehacker

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Easy To Make Jell-O Dragon Balls

Every geek who has watched an episode from the Dragon Ball franchise wonders what it would be like to find a dragon ball and unleash our inner Saiyan.

Sadly, dragon balls don't really exist, so if we want to devour the power of a dragon ball we must make our own, preferably out of Jell-O!

(YouTube Link)

Aggressive Comix shared the full easy to make recipe for orange Jell-O Dragon Balls with cherry stars here, now if you'll excuse me I'm off to buy some ice spheres!

-Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Eagle Tries To Carry Off Boy At Bird Of Prey Show

Attend a bird of prey show and you expect to see magnificent animals stretching out their wings and snatching up prey for the sake of human amusement.

Spectators might even get hit in the face with a wing, or get a scare when a bird comes flying towards their head, but nobody expects to see a bird trying to take off with one of their kids.

But that's what happened at the Alice Springs Desert Park in Central Australia- a wedge-tailed eagle swooped down and sunk his claws into the head of a boy wearing a green hoodie, acting like he wanted to carry the kid off.

The eagle looked a bit confused about the situation as well afterwards, and witnesses say the boy was playing with his zipper during the show, which may have initiated the attack.

-Via Metro

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Science Behind The "Stringless" Yo-Yo

"Stringless" and "Yo-Yo" are two words you don't expect to see together because a Yo-Yo without a string is just a giant plastic spool cast in flashy colors.

But Yo-Yo wizard Ben Conde can do some amazing aerial tricks with his "stringless" Yo-Yo, proving the string doesn't need to be attached for a Yo-Yo to function in spectacular fashion.

(YouTube Link)

This enlightening video by Veritasium reveals the secret behind the incredible tricks you can do with a stringless Yo-Yo- friction!

-Via Nerdist

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The Leonardo DiCaprio Guide To Living A Carefree Life

Leonardo DiCaprio may have only recently become an Oscar winner, but he has been one of the coolest characters on the Hollywood scene since he started acting as a kid.

He's always emitting this air of confidence and lighthearted ease, with a bratty smirk on his face and eyes that refuse to look away no matter what sort of horror they're exposed to.

(Image Link)

It's like Leo was born without any f%@ks to give because he doesn't care about unimportant things like celebrity competition, photos posted on social media or high fashion.

We can learn a lot from Leo about living a carefree life, and you don't have to be rich to live like Mr. DiCaprio- you just have to make sure no man, woman or sinking ship stands in the way of you and your cookies.

Read The Leonardo DiCaprio Guide To Getting Away With Everything here

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Lowcost Cosplay Returns And He's Looking Cheaper Than Ever

The penny-pinching mastermind behind Lowcost Cosplay is back with more amazing costumes made from stuff he found lying around his house, now with a new format and a quality logo!

If this is your first encounter with Lowcost Cosplay let me introduce you- his name is Anucha "Cha" Saengchart, he hails from Thailand, and he constantly improves his costuming skills without spending a dime.

Well, he might spend a little pocket change on a bag of chips here and there...

In the most brilliant marketing move ever "Cha" has added a fuzzy little extra to his photo shoots, allowing him to broaden the range of roles available to him.

Plus, cats were born wearing costumes, so his kitten partner doesn't inflate his budget!

See more from Cheap Cosplay Guy Strikes Again here

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