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April, I hear Betty designed the space shuttle, discovered Unobtainium and proposed a viable flat tax bill all on her own.
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Cola, the hat and the moustache would seem to indicate otherwise.

Oh, and I would like them back when you're done with them.

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I gotta admit, I grew up with the Time Life Science and Nature libraries. They gave me a huge head start, but I didn't have to study, so as ass on as I did, I started doing poorly until I learned how to study. Key points, I guess.
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Ohhhhhhh. Geez, I was going to get Brenda's name tattooed across my back, but it appears he has bested me. Oh, Brenda. It looks like we were never meant to be.

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"Well, here are five buried treasure that is still buried out there somewhere."

How about "five buried treasures that are still buried"?
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Honestly Alex, I have no idea. You would think that there would be a hole the size of Michigan there. Is there a geologist in the house? An astrophysicist maybe?

A little help here?

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Isn't this like an apprenticeship or mentorship?

If the intern gets a desk, electricity and internet access and a computer, aren't these a cost that company has to provide?
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Lemmie check. I think that Allie did draw it after he BF started ralphing up craisins and it was first featured on Reddit, buuuuuuuut lessee...

Yeah, it's her art. Guess I'm fussing about nothing. You're got proper attribution.

Cursed intarnets. Things link places and people post stuff. They will be my undoing.

Cheers. - Z
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I have been wondering recently, IS Prairie Dog's denial of being the messiah, proof that he IS the messiah? I think it must be so.
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