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Miss Cellenia, Paul, and Michael: Thanks for your supporting remarks. This Web site made an effort to spare those who are not so impressed with my work to avoid having to look at it. That should have told any reader that if you are not interested in looking at Steve Johnson's work you can simply choose to not click on "more..." Pretty simple, you would think.
There is the possibility that some folks enjoy the experience of disliking my work! People can get kicks out of so many different things!
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Mr. Bewilde: Your means of deciding to criticize or praise my individual creations by a flip of a coin is wonderful. It points up the fact that my "flights of fancy" may be intriguing in some ways they are also usually flawed in some particular. What I do is rummage in my mind in a realm called DUMB IDEAS or SOPHOMORIC SOLUTIONS, and then try to depict the ideas as if they were plausible.
I need to ask you -- should you return to this site -- what you mean by "2. My Grandfather Would hate this (bless his soul)". I gather he is no longer alive? Are you referring to the second item, the motorcycle extender? Personally I love my idea because during the years I road a motorcycle, 1959-61, I sometimes wished cars would allow me the same amount of space as if I were a car. Obviously the joke is that the extender takes away one the motorcycle's great features, the ability to maneuver in tight spaces!
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I love these. When I lived for a short while in 1965 in Guadalajara I noticed that most everyone's door was painted in a wild and lovely color combination! I never forgot that.
Nice, as usual Miss Cellenia.
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I can't help myself: When I post these I start wondering what name I WOULD COME UP WITH. I was stumped on this one. So, already I am laughing at ParalleloPants. Really, I enjoy the cleverness that is displayed by reader-contestants. I think "OMG why didn't I think of that name?"
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Ha! My wife tells me my "Neatorama experience" is good for me because it is teaching me how to react evenly to praise and blame. Timmah even managed to praise (my current post) and condemn (all my prior 25 posts) in a single sentence!
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Can I admit something here? These name suggestions are hilarious! And they suggest uses for my concepts that never occurred to me. My elephant trunk "feature" was an attempt to suggest that the shockingly cold air in snow country might be pre-warmed by the armpit. I had failed to imagine that the trunk could facilitate armpit sniffing, presumably a useful tactic for certain social situation.
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Hey Gauldar, thanks for not picking apart my ideas like some others do here.
There continues to be something of a disconnect between some of my commenters and the original intent of my work, which was as HUMOR. Sadly, I must consider the possibility that the humor is so weak that some folks assume I am serious, and therefore a bad designer. If my ideas seem "illogical" or if something I show represents a "fire hazard" that's because I made it that way intentionally. I usually work at making them flawed in some way. When my young son, while still in diapers, showed his first evidence of a sense of humor, it was when I intentionally told him something that had a MISTAKE in it. He found mistakes funny. I needn't go on and on here, I guess....
Oh well. But thanks Gauldar!
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Loved your article, loved seeing you sitting there resting your weary legs Macallan Scotch, and loved CUPCAKE WELCOME HOME MESSAGE!
And here, in the comments, I got to read your explanation for how it took you so LONG to get to Las Vegas and back. Uh, okay, now I sort of understand.
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lewen: Yes, someone recently told me about a suspended monorail system being researched by Google, a sort of hanging pod for single bicyclists. No doubt it would be more efficient than my 1990 PEDALTRAIN because there would be less resistance. But I would wonder what would happen to the line of hanging commuters on bikes if one person in the line got a charley-horse and stopped pedaling!
lewen, you are free to use the "Contact Us" feature here to let the manager of the blog know that I should be gotten rid of.
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Rocky: I agree with your "hamsters on a wheel" image. I am so old I can get by with my wife on a couple of very small pensions plus Social Security. But the economy is now seriously in bad shape and I worry about the younger people. Arianna Huffington's book THIRD WORLD AMERICA shows a graph of the growing income gap and it is frightening!
There are different ways I can understand your term "layabouts who got us in this mess": Folks who have investments that earn huge sums off their capital, allowing them to simply lay about; folks with bad habits or reduced social circumstances who simply lay about doing nothing and living off the state; folks like me who have nothing better to do than think up and draw cartoons and odd inventions; folks who through no fault of their own watched vast sectors of the economy tank and watched their job move across the border or overseas. There are many different kinds of laybouts, IMO!
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I must confess: You guys make me laugh. Out loud even. I love the thought that goes into naming this stuff, possibly MORE than goes into creating it. Or should I not admit that?
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Thanks, Cary: your mom was a wise lady.
You refer to "quirky" minds. My quirky mind long ago concluded that words can often suggest similar concepts when you tally them by their first letters. My thinking is quirky, queer, querulous, quizzical, quarrelsome, quibbling, questionable; at times it is like a quagmire where normal thoughts sink as if into quicksand. If I were a doctor I would be labeled a quack. My mind at times can quiver or quaver.
I left out a few qu words that didn't fit my theory. :)
Anyway, I hope to look up Jaffee's work and maybe find an affordable copy of one or more of books in his Stupid Inventions series as a used book on Amazon.
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Cary: But speaking of cartoonists who like to think up inventions, I was aware of and DID greatly admire the work of Philip Garner, whose work coincidentally appeared on the same pages as mine in the PEOPLE & PLACES section of Road & Track magazine in the mid-1980s.
I used to have his BETTER LIVING CATALOG paperback. Very funny stuff.
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Cary: You give me WAY too much credit for "keeping up" and being aware of other's work! Indeed I did read MAD magazine around the time it first appeared when I was age 14 but doubt I ever looked at a copy since the fifties. So, to my detriment, I had never seen, or perhaps never remembered seeing, his inventions!
I started creating comical inventions after I turned 36!
Thanks for pointing his work out to me, or reacquainting me with it!
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