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Hey, those are good tips! I agree; they look nothing like the Beatles. But I will try again. Those were just my test pops. :)
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@xultar, I don't know! We haven't seen them since! We never saw her go back up on the roof.

And no worries... we have professionals on the case :)
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I must respectfully disagree! I think it's always neat when you think of someone in a way you haven't thought of them before. Gives a whole new dimension to that person.

And I certainly didn't mean anything by the "heyday" title... obviously when you're winning Oscars at the age of 80 you're not past your prime. Point taken.
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Oh, feeling_madness, nothing against Alabama! I didn't mean it that way. It's just that when I think of Alabama, my first thought isn't, "Hey, Ren Fair!" I would probably say the same thing about Iowa if we were known for a huge Renaissance Fair. Anyway... no harm intended.
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@Johnny Cat - yep, that's Chunk in the grey shirt. The picture is from 2001 when they all got together to do the commentary for the DVD.
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