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At $199 to start with plus $20 per jellyfish and the starter kit this aquarium which is only 5 gallons is pretty pricey. And let's not forget the filter replacements. *ouch*
Guess I'll stick to sea monkeys (that never hatch)!
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I truly hope these 'art installations' are very temporary. My mother was in a store that had laid shutters in a stack with the corners jutting out in all directions. One shutter's edge tripped her and she ended up with a broken collar bone. She was 85 at the time. The store assured her that they would pay for her medical bills then refused. Within minutes after she fell the shutters had all been removed so there were no pictures taken to prove their negligence.
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I remember sitting at my mother's knee as she made her famous Chicken Grisser with pureiped sauce for dinner followed by her excellent dessert White Pistry Sweet Craps along with a hearty hot cup of Vanilla Pish and Sours with a small side of Mold Water for that extra special zing. mmm mmm! Those were the days...
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I'm usually the one who gets 'car-sick' so I am the designated driver whenever we go out but the ride didn't affect me, thank goodness! I have read that the Universal ride in California was having tons of problems with people getting sick even though it was supposedly identical to the Universal Orlando ride.
The 'pumpkin juice' is just apple cider with mild spices. Not too sugary and nicely refreshing when you are out in the hot sun and getting parched.
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