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First off, "water" is the common name for the chemical compound H2O. Ice is still water; it's still H2O; it's just another name for water in a solid state.

And just because there's no specific name for "molten steel" does not mean that the liquid form is somehow not still made of steel.

"Dry Ice" is a name for the solid form of carbon dioxide. But it's still carbon dioxide.

Let me put it this way: If I offered you $10,000 to bring me a jug of water, and you brought me jug full of ice, would you be entitled to the $10,000?
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Ice is most definitely water. It's solid water, but it's water nonetheless. Water is H2O. Ice is H2O. Just because we have a specific name for one phase of a substance does not mean that the name of the substance is no longer valid.

Steel can be a liquid(molten steel), but that doesn't mean it's not steel.

Wax doesn't cease to become wax when you melt it.
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