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Loved this movie. My only problem with it was everyone was too unrealistically clean. I also liked Wyatt Earp starring Kevin Costner, which came out the following year, but felt much grittier and more realistic.

It always takes me out of the movie when everyone and everything is unrealistically out of their era. For example, in X-Men: Days of Future's Past, while Wolverine is in the past, all of the technology and the way everyone speaks is straight out of modern times.
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I watched I Love Lucy practically most days of my life growing up and I've seen all the episodes many times.

I've been re-watching the entire series over the past week or two for the first time in many years, and I have been amazed at my brain for still knowing every episode so well. It's made me realize that a lot of quotes I hear in my head all the time actually came from the show without me realizing it. For example, every so often in my head I hear, "Hence the name: solitaire," so when I heard Ricky say it, it was a bit weird, like he took it out of my head, but really he's the one who put it there so many years ago!

I remember my sadness as a 10-year-old when my teacher told us she died. Lucy and the show will live on forever.
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It's a visual indicator to drivers that they're approaching or in a pedestrian crossing zone and they need to proceed with caution. Passing other cars in this zone is forbidden.
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CUT TO: The day you're on your death bed.

You look into their eyes and remember all those Saturday mornings and all those diapers and how they grew from little wildlings into successful people with kids of their own. They hold your hand and express their gratitude for all the suffering you put yourself through for them and assure you your memory will live on in them and your grandchildren. This brings you fulfillment and the peace of knowing you lived a life worth living and made a difference in at least several lives.


You lay alone wishing it would all just end already. All the money you saved by not having kids isn't going to bring you comfort and love in your final hours, but, hey, at least maybe you'll be at peace knowing you're dying with lots of money in the bank and no one to leave it to except your cats.
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It astounds me how opposite researchers' findings can be.

A couple of years ago a seemingly identical study found that inhaling the farts from other people can weaken your immune system. (I never found out if that means inhaling your own farts has a different effect.)

Now this study says it can repair your cells and help against diseases?

Which is it, researchers?! Should I go around sniffing other people's farts or shouldn't I?!
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Here are two examples:

There's definitely an art and a ton of skill involved with this. For example, the thickness and shape of the soft tissue (muscles, lips, skin, nostrils, etc.) and cartilage (nose, ears) is decided (guessed at really) based on things like the person's ethnicity. The less they know about the person, the less accurate the sculpture is likely to be.

In the case of a fictional skull, it's almost purely art.
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Absolutely fascinating. I'd love it if we could get a view of what their life is like, of course, without actually being physically present on the island (except for remote-controlled cameras, maybe).

Here's a direct Google Maps link to the location of the Primrose, for anyone interested:
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Years ago I unintentionally made it a habit to not inhale or exhale when I yawn, yet I still feel the full physiological effects. Without aspiration playing any part in it, the one thing I notice every yawn (even as I type this) is how my eardrums seem to open up a great deal.

As it seems to me breathing actually has little to do with a yawn, I've always guessed that its purpose is to maybe heighten your hearing sense (and maybe others) at least temporarily so when going to sleep or waking so a mammal couldn't be so easily caught off guard around slumber time.

But that's just me.
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Thanks Mossel! Alex deserves all the credit. All of this is the result of the genius that oozes from his brain. All I did was bring his ideas into the real world... as illustrated above. ;-p
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