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There have been 10 schools in the Big 12 for not even a year. Colorado and Mizzou jumped ship but this just happened. It is pretty surprising that you wouldn't have heard that from even the most tertiary of ESPN watching, but it's extremely unlikely the conference will either keep this name or just absorb two new schools. The point is, the Big 12 housing only 10 schools is not trivia, it's a temporary fluke.
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These characters look more like their book counterparts than the stars of the HBO series. Also I'm not seeing where bugbug claims to be nodding to Charles Addams. I can see that his style is probably influenced by that artist, but this piece looks just like all of his other works. It would be interesting to see a quote from bugbug about the piece!
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The perspective in this photograph gave me a boner, with the reflections and the angles the shows are sitting at, it's really beautiful. The paint job is f*cking awful though.
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