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1. Kisai Console. Green + Black is the only option :)
2. Sonic Screwdriver Mini Torch Flashlight

This one was trickier than usual. 3 hours in, and under 40 solvers!
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my cat hates beards so much, when a guy with a beard came to visit and the other cat didn't notice and came to meet him, the beard-hating cat mewed a warning and they both ran away.
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..."iphone styluses" and "inserting the stylus into sausages"...

the sausages ARE the styluses and iphones have touchscreens.

i feel trolled.

i still sort of want to try this. think american jerky works as well?
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a whole family (pack?) of foxes lives at a small public course here in Madison, WI. one of them chased and caught a ball my mom drove just seconds earlier.
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