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I agree, but that is 11 minutes of full blow action, huge hits, great runs, great catches and great defence plays.
And most times the game comes down to one huge play, the can win or lose a game.

Take your average Premiership game. If there are 3 minuts of action it is a great game. Most of the time is spend playing the ball around 50 meters from the opponts goal, with no chance of scoring. A good game will have 5-8 goalscoring chances.
Every play has a chance of scoring in the NFL.
Make no mistake i love Football, and i love Football/Soccer.
I love seeing arsenal playing city, i was really a great game. I love seeing Arsenal playing blackburn, but most likly it is a terrible game, not a joy to watch. Would i ever watch Wigan vs. West Ham, no way.
So the thing is there a maybe a good premiership game every 2-3 weekends.
Every week there are 3-4 very good NFL games. Because every rule in NFL is there to entertain the fans.
In Soccer it seems every rule is there to make it difficult to soccer.
I could talk about this for hours, well days even. But that is only because i love Soccer so most, that i would wish they would look a the sport today, and see every thing they a doing wrong. Money is killing the sport.
Take the NFL, the best team from last year, has the smallest wage budget next year. The want to give every team a chance to win. Not just the team with the best Oil Driller...

You need to learn to watch Football, but when you do, you will love it. But you need to learn the basic rules:-)
This it written with a smile, and a hope that you will learn the great sport, that is American Football :-)
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