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Hello! I won the t-shirt for the shark egg on the What Is It? game (very excited to finally recognize one!) but I have no idea how to get in touch with someone to receive it. You can't possibly know my address already. Right? Hopefully this comment is a step in the right direction.
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I was hoping for a better explanation. How about they were there to protect cocktails from flies and other pests that frequent the exotic lands these tasty drinks were created in. It's a hygiene thing! Simply tip the umbrella to the side when taking a sip. Thousands of lives were spared when umbrellas became common place.
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I'm definitely taking my kiddos to see this! I'm so excited and there is a special place in my heart of childhood for this film in particular. Staying summers with my grandma in a small town we had a limited set of activities. Harassing the only gas station, driving to another town for swimming one day, roller skating another, and renting movies. This movie we rented over and over again. I think my grandma thought it was a waste since it was so short. But then one week my cousins convinced her to rent Porky's. After that we could rent Frankenweenie as many times as we wanted. Kudos for the refresher on this film! (We ate a lot of Kudos those summers too.)
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I think it might be Elton John rather than Alton. I'm normally not a nitpicker on internet reads but this one just had me thinking I was missing out on some major cowboy celebrity (not that Sir Elton John is). However this was a bedazzling read.
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