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One of my daughters is a level 82 Blood Elf Hunter in the I Hate This Guild, with 70 mounts and 83 vanity pets, and she LOVED this post. I'm glad I was able to send her a link to something she thought was "freakin' brilliant." Thanks, John!
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Thanks Jill for this comprehensive post. I don't like the rides either and now you've given me a good reason to avoid them. Thanks for the fried foods report too - you spared me some bellyaches.

Garrison Keillor wrote a fun story for National Geographic last summer about state fairs:

The state fair photos are pretty cool too:

Photos are by Joel Sartore, who did the RARE book featured in Neatorama's Spotlight recently:
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Poor Leonhard Fuchs! Everyone always misspells the plant genus named after him. Just remember:
It's Fuchsia for Fuchs!

He was a 16th c. German botanist and physician "whose botanical work Historia Stirpium (1542) is a landmark in the development of natural history because of its organized presentation, the accuracy of its drawings and descriptions of plants, and its glossary."
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