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Seriously? You need more than a few brain cells to develop consciousness. Also, if more than a certain amount of his cells weren't his own, his body would probably start attacking itself to rid itself of the foreign bodies, meaning he probably wouldn't have survived to term in the first place.
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That's Louisiana though, all the sane people living in Louisiana hate it there and leave. The fact that you lump all of the south together based on your experiences in one state says a lot more about you than it does about LA.
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UGH! PEOPLE! That's not a fedora! That's a trilby. The thing everyone hates now is called a trilby. A Fedora has a wide brim (Think Indiana Jones) Trilbies have a small brim. Floppy brim = Fedora Tiny brim = Trilby. *sigh* is it really THAT hard?
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