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I generally agree with his choices at the top, and having rewatched The Last Unicorn not that long ago, that movie is merciless - way more sophisticated than I remember. Love it.

I was a bit disappointed in Highlander being so far down the list (though I get his arguments against) but I will always love it for the bizarreo-ness of Queen, Sean Connery as a Spaniard, white tennies, pro wrestling and kilts as far as the eye can see.

I still think Conan the Barbarian is the most perfect fantasy movie ever made, like a great D&D campaign come to the screen. There are other movies on the list I prefer, but nothing captures the fantasy genre for me better than Conan.
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When my dad was in college in the 70's, he owned a (presumably 60's era) Bug-Eyed Sprite. His friends would regularly tip it over. It was so small he'd just grab a passerby, they'd flip it back on its wheels, and he'd drive away.
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I got 102, but there are at least 5 that I started watching that I couldn't finish for one reason or another. I feel totally remiss in not seeing a lot of the older movies on the list.
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Well, that was just freaky. I transported four times to four places I recognized well: Ponta Delgada in the Azores, McMurdo (looking at my old dorm no less), the road to Akaroa in New Zealand and the Antarctic Dry Valleys. I guess it's psychic too? (Fifth time I ended up in South America, where I've never been, so maybe not.)
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I used to work at Subway, and when we made tuna salad we used gloves. Besides, who wants their hands to smell like tuna and mayo? For the most part, I had no problem with Subway's stuff and I'll still eat there occasionally. The worst thing we ever did was eat the cookie dough.
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That's them! They've taken about 10 years of footage and put it together in a feature-length film that is making its way across the country right now. They've got all sorts of his signature time lapse stuff, and talk about what it is like to winter over.
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This is my friend, Christine Powell. She and her husband Antz have been working on a documentary about their experiences working in Antarctica, and it is excellent! John, given your interest in The Ice, you can't miss it if it comes around. It's called Antarctica: A Year on Ice, and here's the website:
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