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I'm right handed and have always worn my watch on that hand. And regardless of handedness, the fly on a pair of men's pants is always on the right hand side so it's going to be easier for anyone to zip it right handed.

More likely, the whole thing was a set-up and four separate tips were left with different members of the force to get them all out of the way for the evening and create doubt within the system.
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Most alcoholic beverages freeze someplace between -6C and -34C. Bourbon being about 80 proof, it's going to be nearer to that -34 and it's still probably going to take a while, even though at that temperature, frost bite can set in in about 5 minutes. There won't be any cats wandering the streets at that temperature. Water, on the other hand, will take about an hour to freeze at 0C. This suggests that if the entire search took half an hour, and then the questioning took place outdoors in the order written, the water might just be beginning to freeze. Within the realm of plausibility, anyway.

The real question, though, is why on earth ANYONE would go to the trouble of finding a bottle of bourbon and filling it with dyed water rather than just buy a bottle of bourbon. If it's that cold, and you're celebrating a jewel heist, wouldn't you rather have a bottle of whiskey handy?
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I'm guessing the difference is "high school biology." If you'd been a high school history or computer teacher, you probably would've. It was hugely popular in the late 80s, early 90s with elementary and middle school kids. High schoolers being introduced to computers at that same time were introduced at a different level than Oregon Trail offered, and it was something that kids didn't realise at the time was a widespread cultural phenomenon. It wasn't until those kids got to college and went, "My first time on a computer-" "Woah, you too?"
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This is a device for removing the centers from Christmas assorted chocolates. Simply place the chocolate onto the tines, turn the crank and the outer layer of chocolate peels away, allowing the display of the inner core. Coconut and fruit centers may be immediately discarded, or shared with more pernicious holiday guests, while caramel and cream centres may be consumed immediately.

Thesuarus, Medium.
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