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I don't think that comment exists here. Are you referring to my comment where I said, "the titles appear to be in German, so I can't really read them" in reference to the fact that I could not identify what the books were?
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There's a good chance these are books being thrown out by the library. The picture isn't very high definition and the titles appear to be in German, so I can't really read them, but at least a couple of them appear to be late edition dictionaries and encyclopedia volumes.
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Even when I was arguing with you the other day we both remained civil; I've never understood why other people can't do that.

The inflated sense of self idea reminds me of an explanation for road rage I heard: You start feeling (and acting) like a 5,000 lb behemoth instead of a 150 lb person.
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A couple days ago I said something like "I'm just a chemical process that converts coffee & noodles into hardware specs" to my buddies. Did we watch the same television program or read the same web-comic somewhere recently? I'm pretty sure this thought was inspired by something I saw and I'm hoping you can remind me what it was, because I don't remember.
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I don't believe religiosity itself is harmful to scientific development; I think failure to give any credit to the role of doctors & science is harmful. This affects policy decisions in regards to medicine & science in a democratic society.

I didn't use an 'officially atheist nation' as an example of where people receive poor medical care; I gave an example of how these so called 'miracles' seem to correlate with wealth & medical development.

I actually believe I agree with you (Mr. Farrier) and Mr Gisburne on most things as well.

"I'm pointing out that a country which wholly rejected religious belief for scientific progress has failed to provide the level of medical care that a deeply religious country can."

First off, there are more than 50 million Christian people in China, and many other religious people. Secondly, my point there was the face that poor people don't seem to be the recipients of these miracles. The religious difference you immediately identified
is not really relevant; the decreased access to quality care is not due to religious differences, it's due to decreases resource availability.

"I don't see any indication that the couple involved has been so ungracious as to not thank their doctors. It seems a leap to jump to the conclusion that they have done so based on what little writing we have available from them."

There was not a single bit of public acknowledgement in the article. She only called it a miracle and thanked prayer & god.
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"China, an officially atheist nation, really the counter example that you would like to offer?"

What does their government's stance on atheism have to with anything? Are you implying it's not their lack of resources but their lack of belief that results in their reduced quality of medical care?

I don't think religious people are stupid either. I think this particular behavior is stupid. This behavior is counterproductive to progress.

Anyway, it has nothing to do with mood nor the notion that religious people are stupid. It has to do with due credit, and acknowledging not only the work of the doctors but the risk they take. Again, if they screw up they get sued, but if they save your life, not even a thank you. It's a terrible incentive scheme they have there.

I've literally had my life saved by doctors in emergency surgery. I thanked them again and again. I recognized the fact that I was very fortunate to have access to that level of care. I didn't call it divine providence and shrug my shoulders at the fact that others lack it.
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Thanking the doctors? Acknowledging the role of medical science? Not calling a procedure performed by trained medical professionals and based completely on scientific evidence as well as technological progress a 'miracle'? I don't think any of those would comprise 'rejecting her faith'.

Funny how these sort of miracles don't happen to people with less access to advanced medical care (e.g. rural china). Calling them miracles completely removes all onus to improve the system, and is completely dismissive of the resources and effort required to provide this level of care.
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It does to harm, as it detracts from their perceived significance of medical science. These are the same type that vote against increasing government funding of basic research.

If the doctor screws up it's time to sue; if he's successful he has nothing do with it, it was god.
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You'll notice that famous 'geniuses' (e.g. Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking) don't mention and often don't even know their IQs. There are also no sources or evidences for any of these claims. All we are really seeing here is that people believe that 'high' IQs should be associated with success, so they are assigning high IQs to already successful people.
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No one told me to blow in the cartridges. They just tended to visibly collect dust, you would have trouble getting it to run, look in there, and see a lot of dust. Dust is actually not very conductive so I'm not sure why it sounds silly to the guy. I agree that blowing didn't really work better than just reseating though.
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I don't understand the aversion myself. It works for me. It helps reduce that Groundhog's Day feeling of endlessly spinning my wheels by giving something of a sense of forward progress.

It's also very handy when it comes time to write performance reports or resumes. I suppose if you work in fast food or a call center it might only add to that feeling of going nowhere though.
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