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Don't be too hard on yourself...if you hadn't revealed in your post what it said, I would still be sitting here trying to figure it out. Even after knowing, my brain is still struggling to see the word "great."
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Michael could do what you are referring to with just one train going on a loop underneath the track. The creator, Al Seckel, states that it is just one train, "There is one train; it is as long as you see," he says.
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Those of us who avoid social media will be separated from modern society. Chances are, if you are older than 30 it makes you uncomfortable to see young people connected the way they are. But, think of the way children were glued to a television through the 70's, 80's and 90's without ANY interaction. Teenagers are communicating more now than they have in decades...just in ways that are foreign to the rest of us. Their brains are physically wired to multi-task and are literally shaped differently than our brains were growing up. It's time to get off your high horses...the old "in my day" is getting a little tired.
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The honest truth... I used to call myself Neaterama, way before this blog. My ex girlfriend used to say "neater" and my favorite book series was the Arthur C. Clarke "Rendezvous with Rama" trilogy. Thus, Neaterama. It wasn't even till I read this article that I made the connection and realized now why this site always felt so familiar to me.
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I can only blame it on Monday morning brain farts for how I completely overlooked that the "24 feet in diameter" lens was part of the hoax as well. In my defense, the opening paragraph is written as though it is providing the actual events that led to the hoax.
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Uh...You might reconsinder the claim that "the lens was 24 feet in diameter." From what I can tell, the largest lens that has ever been made was just over 4 feet in diameter. Herschel's telescope had 48 inch diameter.
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Mindy, sorry but that was such a buzz kill. I'm usually the first one to propogate rules and order. I was the kid who obsessed over making sure everyone got the same amount of Kool-aide in their glass. But, you know what? I saw those rainbows and it made me want to go make the world a happier place. Let your hair down every once in a while.
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