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Tried to get that zombie-like quality absolin mentioned...

If you have trouble finding an empty soda bottle like I did, you can use any clear tupperware piece so long as it is (1) clean and (2) microwave-safe. You can even use the ones that have Spiderman printed on the sides. I also recommend duct tape, and leaving the light turned off during installation in case the bulb gets hot. :)
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Hey Anise, I'll have to look into the selfish gene argument some more. I've always kind of validated behavior on whether or not it has use to the best survival of a species, and saw even the male cricket's ability to accommodate the female as a test for natural selection. It's interesting how different species develop ways of mating. Thanks for the book suggestion! Adding "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory" to my ridiculously long to-read list.
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That's understandable. I enjoy spending time on the home-made stuff as well, but I'm sure many others will make use of the patterns or at least be inspired to make their own, especially since these look pretty good!
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Consider it a useful template for the artistically disinclined. At least you'll be sure that people aren't asking what that unidentifiable blob is supposed to be. :)
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Hm, good point! I have no idea, but perhaps investing in a female with potentially several fertilized eggs makes more sense to them than saving only one male. Or maybe they're just chivalrous after all. :)
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I somewhat agree Ryan, but I think it depends on whether or not a person places value on knowledge above other equally as valuable things, like love or money. I think his point was that if you're curious for knowledge, the best way to live and learn is to admit lack of knowledge. You approach changing truths and discover new knowledge more fervently than if you thought you "knew," particularly if you come from the viewpoint that science in its entirety is not proven and everything is completely theoretical, which might be where his commitments to "lack of purpose" and truth came from. Vaclav Havel said something relevant: "Keep the company of those who seek the truth--run from those who have found it." Therefore, to admit ignorance is knowledge. I think Feynman probably could care less about whether or not he was socially palatable, especially considering his public disdain for the social workings of the National Academy of Sciences. Sorry if I'm being a little abstract here. You brought up a good point to think about.
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I was thinking the same, Nick. I imagine that it could work if they incorporated the mechanisms that self-driving cars have--sensors that keep cars from colliding with the environment, and a preset destination point. The mind-reading aspect then seems kind of pointless to me, but we can never guess how far technology can bring us. Neuroscience is awesome.
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