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Considering it was 1st class, the food was probably pretty good. More power to somebody who figures out how to get a freebie that is meant only for rich people. Isn't that what they say? The more money you have the more people are trying to give you stuff?
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Re: White Socks. If we are speaking of athletic socks for women then 99.9% of them are white [the rest are pink]. When I wanted black socks to wear with boots I had to buy men's socks. Also, very hard to find in any color besides white. So, we are not to blame for our lack of sock fashion, we just buy what is available. I learned something about men's socks, they last many times longer than women's do. I still have those black socks and the bottoms are wearing thin but the elastic is still good.
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How about a Oscar nom for best Animated Short Film! Somebody hire this lady to make this into a full length movie.

Neato- can we have links to all the Oscar nom animated shorts when they come out?
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Maybe these are their girlfriends clothes or maybe these men just like to "feel pretty" on occasion. Esp. the guy in the red floral jumpsuit. That is a good will find if I ever saw one!
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