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This is a prop from a scene cut from the Peter Pan movie. The director felt that we didn't need to watch Captain Hook use a thumbscrew on Tinkerbell.

(Battle Damage XL Mens Chocolate)
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Clearly, this is an astromech droid egg. This particular one was the result of the coupling of R1 and D1, and hatched shortly prior to any Menacing Phantoms.

Battle Damage, L, military green
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They're just down the street from me. Been anxiously awaiting their opening day for some time, but when I peeked in their front window last weekend, it seemed they still had a lot of work to do.

I particularly like that they're going to have the new Oakland bay bridge putt putt finished before the actual one - well, I hope.
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I like the new inline comments. I just wish the page wouldn't scroll up when I click the [+] button.

Oh, and clicking "vote" above using Chrome gave me a popup complaining that I was trying to vote twice, then the vote results showed. (Clicked [+], started typing this comment, selected option 1, clicked "Vote", saw a popup warning me I could only vote once, showed me the results.)
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I'm 6'2" and my knees hit the seat in front of me when I'm in a United coach seat - I can put up with it on a short flight, but nothing more than an hour. Econ+ is the same price and legroom as Virgin's coach, but without any extra baggage fees - so my response is to avoid United altogether when possible. With these shenanigans it's no longer a commodity for me, I went from not really caring to actively avoiding United.

Good job!
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