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Rubinsky: yes, it is very sad. Just before I snapped several pictures of him his eyes briefly met mine, and then he turned away. People can say what they want about animals not having a “soul” but I saw an old soul in his sad eyes during our encounter. I could sense he was very aware of his circumstance.

Miss Callania: thank you for posting my picture. I wasn’t insulted at all by Craig Cole’s correction. If anything I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know the difference. Plus, I didn’t want anyone thinking it was the zoo staff that made the blunder. The Oregon Zoo has quite a competent staff of people. My niece has worked there for years and she is quite good her job. Thanks again!!
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Craig Cole: it wasn't the Portland Zoo "naming-staff". You can direct the insult to me, the photographer. I was the person who photographed the lion and gave the picture the infamous title you detest so much. I didn’t realize there was a difference. What can I say: I live in America where we there are no “Highnesses” or “Majesty’s” so I admit to my ignorance. Zawadi Mungu is his actual name. I threw in the “Highness” part. Sorry!

Ian Sane
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