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Having a recovery shake after any resistance training is a big help to rebuild, soreness, strength & endurance.

1/2 your #lbs bodyweight in grams of fast-carbs like glucose or dextrose and 1/4 in grams of protein, to be taken within 1/2 hr of completing the exercises.
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... -and then positively-correlate these genes to personality traits & criminal-tendencies,

loop back around, prove phrenology,

and then the whole internets asplode!
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Teddy Roosevelt.

Old Hickory would -Attack- first, but TR has 2 things working for him:
1)He was shot in the chest during a speech, shrugged it off, and then finished the rest of it at I think 30+ minutes. -And Ultimately Survived.
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Check out Whipworm.

That and/or go to an organic farm where there are no cats and eat some dirt.

You could sift it first for rocks & bits with a strainer, and even put some water on it and microwave it for a short period to weaken some of the pathogens.

Sorry to plug self here, but: Dirty=Good? And "The Hygiene Hypothesis"
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