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The Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach is like going back to the 1960s for tiki. Too bad the prices have complied with 2019 realities.
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Not lives:seconds. I have spend hundreds of seconds a day reading entertainment on the Internet. Hundred more reading enlightening and educational content.
Waste, like, beauty, is in the eye of the (judgmental) beholder.
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Lawson is brilliant on the piano. Helps Aaron Mehnke’s Lore shine with mood music that is alternatingly soothing with creepy. However, why does that person have to be a ghost? Looks to me like someone working in the theater was watching the sound check.
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Well, they can go f themselves and in the process, f the whole country. There is company that charges $500 per capacitor here in OC and all of them are 100% reliable. Go on and try to save cost while still defending our country.
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A very intense study has shown than HIV is not transmitted from an infected party whose viral load is under control with medicine such as this. In other words, if everyone with HIV took the right medicine, no one else would get infected. (Until someone ate the wrong monkey meat again.)
Not a cure, but almost as good.
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