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Speaking of Captain Disillusion, I am reminded of his video debunking the missing basketball video. Same principle, the object in front is obscuring the one in back, which was always there.

BTW, you can see the other car's roof appearing a split second before the crash, which indicates that the other car may have ran a red light, so it is not the foreground car's fault.
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I have read elsewhere that Liv Tyler was hired by the music video producer without knowing that she's the daughter of Aerosmith's lead vocalist. I don't know if that's true, but I've seen it repeated online.
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I hope that airport lady with the vest won't get in trouble for twerking in a viral video.

Also, I love her bro's handle "Death__BySnuSnu". We all want to die by snu snu.
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I saw a lot of squirrels in Europe when I went there before the USA, so it didn't register with me.

Another thing that baffles many non-Americans is the gun culture there. I own guns but because it is very restrictive here, we don't have the same attitudes towards guns that Americans do.
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The Heat was crap! No idea how it got listed.

As for the list's omissions, no Starsky and Hutch (movie version, fratpack gold), no Stakeout (a classic), no RUSH HOUR (WTF!!!!), no Turner and Hooch (does it count, tho?), no Dragnet (movie version, one of my personal favorites!), no Hot Fuzz (what an omission!), no Se7en (I have no words!).
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